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About Pam Udy

Pamela Udy is a wife, mother of five, birth activist, Mormon, Democrat, writer, speaker, business: Circles of Time: Birth, Genealogy and Politics- because birth is political. For Pamela, the magic comes when connecting the mom to her baby through birth, then connecting that child to past generations through genealogy. Pamela is always interested in speaking to groups, shining light on the politics of birth, the politics in Utah, and the responsibility we have to be involved. Pamela has spoken at these conferences: American Association of Birth Centers (AABC) Topic: State of Obstetrics Controversies in Childbirth Conference (Panel Discussion) Topic: “Is There Any Benefit to Low C-Section Rates”? Holistic LDS Living Conference Topic: The Miracle of Birth Regional Association of Childbirth Educators of Puget Sound (REACHE) Topic: The Impact of Cesareans Utah Doula Association (UDA) Topic: Doulas and Cesareans

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