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  • Trapped Placenta or Myth

    I have so much fun working with our editor Cheryl. We share the same office, which has led to many great conversations about birth: Goat birth compared to human birth. Cheryl has a herd of miniature dairy goats. They are little half-sized goats that still give a lot of milk. One day we were having a...
    Posted to Jan Tritten's Blog (Weblog) by Donna on 03-08-2009
  • Cure for Postpartum Depression

    Midwifery Today has started a book publishing section called Motherbaby Press. The first book we published is called Placenta: The Gift of Life by Cornelia Enning. The book covers placenta rituals from around the world and the history of placenta remedies used throughout the ages. It has 15 recipes for...
    Posted to Jan Tritten's Blog (Weblog) by Anonymous on 02-19-2008
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