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  • Midwife in South Dakota

    Hey there! I just found out I am expecting my second child, let me tell you a little about my hospital experience with my daughter; we arrived at the hospital around 3 am, the dr's let me labor for 2 hours, during which I was allowed to go into the bathtub for short periods of time but, then my doctor...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by vandervorst on 04-01-2014
  • Looking for CNM/CPM for Birth Center in Rural Oregon

    Seeking a CPM and/or CNM for a new birthing center in rural Oregon. Mulit-talented individuals with varied areas of expertise who are flexible, team-oriented, hard-working, dependable, who have excellent people and communication skills and a passion for birth and families are welcome to apply. We are...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by DandilionDoula on 10-26-2012
  • Midwife in Devon, PA?

    Hello all you wonderful ladies! I am helping a friend look for midwives. It's her third baby, she is over 35, and has a history of fast births. She lives in Devon, PA in the Main Line area. Would love some names and contact information to pass on to her! Thanks! -Veronica
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by kandrinchae on 03-14-2012
  • Union Hospital getting rid of midwives

    Here is an article from our local paper... there is a petition link in the article. Please sign to save our midwives: Union Hospital getting rid of midwives Please read and share this article so that Union hospital will maybe change their minds or there can be other local doctors or hospital that will...
  • Midwife Search-Texas

    hello, not sure if this is the right place to post this, but we are beginning a search for a midwife as we are on the road to opening a birth center. We are located in the Rio Grande Valley- google McAllen as the city and that is the main city where we will be located by. We are approx 45minutes from...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by AllValleyBirthCenter on 07-23-2010
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