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  • Re: Traveling Midwives?

    I don't know if you have found a midwife yet, and September is already a very busy month for me but since you are at the tailend of the month and my clients are due towards the beginning, I would be at least interested in emailing with you about your wishes etc. You can find more information on me...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by midwifejenny on 03-15-2012
  • Traveling Midwives?

    I recently came across an old thread where some midwives were dicussing about some of the places they have traveled to. I am wondering if there are any midwives out there who might possibly be interested in traveling to Southern china around a September 30 due date. Or does anyone know of any midwife...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by Ann on 02-09-2012
  • HIFA2015 Healthcare Information for All by 2015

    Hi, I have just joined. I am not a midwife, but coordinate a campaign whose remit includes the following goal: By 2015, every nurse and midwife will have access to the information they need to learn, to diagnose, to provide appropriate care and treatment, and to save lives. I would like to invite you...
  • Midwife looking to live and work overseas

    Hello! I am a midwife from Canada and my partner and I are researching opportunities to live and work overseas for 1-2 years starting Sept 2012. He is a teacher and is hoping to get a job at an international school. Our travel plans are wide open right now in terms of where we go. Ideally I would like...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by christinesandor on 11-28-2011
  • Birth in Nepal: Maternity Care

    Dear All, You might be interested to know the childbirth practices in different parts of the world. So, I'm sharing here with you childbirth practices and custom surrounding births and menstruation especially in the western part of Nepal. Here is link "Birth in Nepal" http://english.aljazeera...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by Laxmi on 08-05-2011
  • Re: Travelling Midwifery

    I'm nearing the time when my children are old enough to live independently. I'd always promised myself that I'd go travelling and practice my craft abroad. I'm intrigued as to whether you carry ocytocic drug for the management of postpartum haemorrhage and if so how do you source them...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by Muliebrity on 12-07-2010
  • MamaBaby Haiti is looking for midwives and student midwives to join us in Haiti.

    I just wanted to let you all know that there are staff midwife, volunteer midwife and volunteer student midwife opportunities with MamaBaby Haiti at our birth center near Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. Please check out our website at . You will find more volunteer information on the website...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by Patricia Couch on 08-17-2010
  • looking for volunteer programs abroad

    Hi, I'm an asipiring midwife looking to view birth in a natural setting, free from the western medical model before i start school. I want to gain a deep understanding of the stages of labor so when i see them in a hospital setting for the first time i will better understand what is happening. Does...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by nicole.sata on 07-28-2010
  • Looking for a midwife to come to Honduras!

    I live in Honduras with my family as missionaries, we are currently working on opening a clinic and birthing center. A friend of mine (originally from Texas) is due with her first baby in July 2010. Just recently her midwife from the US cancelled her trip here to deliver the baby so we desperately need...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by hwab on 06-20-2010
  • French mom in China is looking for a midwife for Homebirth- May 2010

    I am expecting my second baby mid May and am living in the portuary town of Dalian, China (North East). The maternity care in China is impersonal, archaic and brutal, other foreign moms whove experienced the system first hand refer to the hospitals here as a "baby factories". I am a firm believer...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by froglegs on 03-16-2010
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