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  • Re: RN seeking experience in birth center/home birth setting

    I have spoken to the midwife and the problem is that she is the only person in the area doing home/natural births. I also need a paycheck :( I think the doula idea is a great one, though, but a few people I talked to said that since i'm an RN to not worry about getting certified as a doula. My best...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by zeuxia on 12-16-2009
  • Birth in Italy

    Does anyone know if CPMs are recognised in Italy? What is the status of homebirth there? Thanks, Niki
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by montrealdoula on 12-16-2009
  • Working alone at births

    Hi everyone! I'm just starting out as an independent midwife in the UK where we usually have 2 midwives provided for homebirths in the nataional health service. I will be working alone, but will have a trusted doula friend with me for all births - does anyone else work like this? or purely alone...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by evony17 on 08-01-2009
  • retractions and grunting

    I am interested in midwives experiences with this in a newborn, what caused it, how you recognized it and how it was resolved... Thanks!
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by lesleymidwife on 07-13-2009
  • Is home birth still an option for me?

    Hi, I am new to this site. If I have posted in the incorrect forum, please let me know. I am expecting my first child in October. I had planned a home birth for many reasons, and am a little terrified of hospital births. I have assisted about ten hospital births and know that I don't want the same...
    Posted to Homebirth (Forum) by Yoly Stroeve on 06-10-2009
  • my exciting 3rd home waterbirth-- midwife didn't make it in time!

    Copied & pasted from my blog. My home waterbirth story, Nov. 2008. I'm new to this community & hope this is the appropriate forum to post this. ************************************************* As strange as it may seem, I keep using the phrases “wild and crazy” and “an...
    Posted to Waterbirth (Forum) by MrsPianoMan on 05-01-2009
  • Re: LLL against homebirth?

    Hi all. New to this forum. I'm a LLL leader & 3x homebirther. This response sounds accurate to me-- separate hats & all. LLL officially states that unmedicated birth w/ active participation from the mother help get breastfeeding off to the best start, but at LLL functions, we are required...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by MrsPianoMan on 05-01-2009
  • Re: Midwives in IL

    I have BCBS, it's a PPO through my employer. I've been trying to figure out if going to a hospital is worth my time, b/c I'm a little aprehensive of the stigma attached to them. If I did go to a hospital, I'd want a midwife and doula, no drugs, no intervention unless absolutely nessecary...
  • Midwives in IL

    Can anyone explain to me the legal status of midwives in IL, and why the Direct entry Midwives are not certified by the state of IL? I also found on my insurance policy that home births are not covered, but practicing midwives in an approved facility are. How do I go about talking to my insurance company...
  • Re: The home water birth of my third child

    Thanks so much for sharing your birth story and photos. I love, love, love the La Basseine Pool---best birth invention in years. I know just the third time Mom who will love reading this so will tell her to get over here and read it right away.
    Posted to Homebirth (Forum) by GloriaLemay on 02-18-2009
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