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  • Home birth in Italy. Sardinia to be exact.

    There is a good possibility we will be moving to Sardinia Island, Italy very soon. I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant with my 7th child. (5 homebirths) Does anyone have any information on Homebirth Midwives in this area? Preferably English speaking? We will be on the north west side of the Island. Thank...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by Bpure8 on 04-04-2011
  • Hello From Australia

    Hello Everyone :) I was registered here a long time back, but seem to have lost my way! I'm Rachael, from Central Queensland and over the last 4 years have been practicing homebirth midwifery. We have seen some pretty significant changes over the last year, which will see me finish my very small...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by Dinah on 02-08-2011
  • Preparing Siblings to Attend Birth

    Any and all suggestions are welcome. I am looking into putting together some info for clients and want it from a midwifery perspective. Thank you in advance!!!
  • Re: Travelling Midwifery

    Zdravo Shakti! Thank you so much for your reply. It'll be about 5 or 6 years till I'm able to move over there but I'm thinking of coming over next year for a few weeks just to get a feel for your country. I'd love to offer a safe and real alternative to the horrific obstetric experiences...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by Muliebrity on 12-08-2010
  • College Paper - Midwifery Care in the United States

    I wrote this paper for my English course and now I have to publish it! I thought no better than this forum, where the members can appreciate it! I hope you enjoy! Aubrey Hatch English 122 Professor Ross Lambert July 27, 2007 Obstetric and Midwifery Care During Labor in the United States. An analysis...
    Posted to Homebirth (Forum) by Aubrey H. on 08-09-2010
  • Hello :)

    Hi all! I'm an aspiring student midwife-to-be (applying for 2011 BMid) in Australia. I've just started volunter training in breastfeeding education, too. My passions lie particularly in the areas of homebirth, natural birth, breastfeeding, and attachment parenting. I hope to be a homebirth IM...
  • Home births and insurance

    I am six weeks pregnant with my first child and in the process of finding a midwife. I would like to do a homebirth, and it seems like most home births are with CPMs. However, I would like for this to be covered by my insurance, which wants me to select an in-network midwife. From what I can tell, the...
    Posted to Homebirth (Forum) by acornfromthetree on 06-08-2010
  • Re: Homebirth inductions after water breaking

    Well, after EIGHT DAYS of non-effective, off and on contractions, we finally got a good ctx pattern going. Three hours and six pushes later she birthed a healthy, beautiful, 8lb 7oz baby girl. Fast descent led to some facial bruising, poor thing, but now at a week old, she's perfect. Here's what...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by Herb of Grace on 06-04-2010
  • French mom in China is looking for a midwife for Homebirth- May 2010

    I am expecting my second baby mid May and am living in the portuary town of Dalian, China (North East). The maternity care in China is impersonal, archaic and brutal, other foreign moms whove experienced the system first hand refer to the hospitals here as a "baby factories". I am a firm believer...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by froglegs on 03-16-2010
  • Re: Birth in Italy

    I think that you have to contact the Italian goverment and recuire the appropriate papers to recognise your diploma. As far as the home birth conditions, they are more or less the same as here in Grece. Births are mostly performed in clinics by an obstetritian, the midwife has very little interferrence...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by Irene on 12-30-2009
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