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  • midwife and doula in Queens NY

    I'm looking for a midwife and doula in queens NY, I've seen T. A., (but she's in brooklyn) she seemed really amazing, she was patient, confident, calming and open. She even recommended i see a few more people before i make my decision. It's my first time doing all this. If anyone has...
    Posted to Pregnancy and Prenatal Care (Forum) by Antonia on 02-17-2010
  • Herbs while breastfeeding

    I'm baby of two months has got ehr first cold from her brother...I am starting to get it as well and I usually take echinacea and goldenseal in tincture form. I'm wondering if this is okay to do just for a few days to help her and my cold?
    Posted to Breastfeeding (Forum) by mainah on 03-11-2009
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