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  • cord care in 3rd world countries

    I have heard of burning through the cord, but have never tried it. It sounds ideal for 3rd world midwives who do not have access to, or at best have limited access to sterile cord cutting & clamping tools. I do not feel comfortable experimenting on my clients or on the 3rd world clients. Does anyone...
    Posted to Experiments and Questions (Forum) by marlenecpm on 05-04-2012
  • midwife and doula in Queens NY

    I'm looking for a midwife and doula in queens NY, I've seen T. A., (but she's in brooklyn) she seemed really amazing, she was patient, confident, calming and open. She even recommended i see a few more people before i make my decision. It's my first time doing all this. If anyone has...
    Posted to Pregnancy and Prenatal Care (Forum) by Antonia on 02-17-2010
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