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  • Strep Problems Following Birth

    Hello - My children are now in their twenties, but at the time of my pregnancies, I encountered rare strep related problems during the months following each pregnancy. Although I did (and still do) follow a healthy lifestyle that includes moderate exercise and a non-meat diet supplemented by vitamins...
    Posted to Labor, Birth and Postpartum (Forum) by pjm on 05-31-2012
  • balancing postpartum headaches

    mama on day 6 postpartum, horrible headache all day, not touched by allopathic meds. is hydrated, well-fed, bowels moving fine, normal temp., no uterine tenderness or mastitis. found out she had these with her first baby for several days. so, we are thinking hormonal. does anyone have experience with...
    Posted to Labor, Birth and Postpartum (Forum) by Adrienne on 09-15-2010
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