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  • VBAC concern

    Hi, long story short: over five years ago I had a c-section with my son. Then this past September, I went to my first ultrasound only to find out there was no heartbeat and the fetus had stopped developing around 7 or 8 weeks. My doctor gave me misoprostal to bring on the miscarriage as I had no symptoms...
    Posted to VBAC and Cesarean Prevention (Forum) by Nix on 07-01-2013
  • Wondering if VBAC is a possibility for me

    Hi, I'm not a midwife, but I'm looking for some advice to assess whether a VBAC would be a viable option for me. I had a c-cection with my first child. My water broke at roughly 40 wks, but labor never started. As I knew that I was group B strep positive, I went to the hospital to begin antibiotics...
    Posted to VBAC and Cesarean Prevention (Forum) by ninabird on 01-03-2011
  • Transverse twice?

    I have a friend that is 36 weeks with her second child and yesterday was told she would have to schedule a c-section due to this baby being transverse. Her first child was transverse as well and had to have a c-section with that baby also. She has been going to the same OB & they do not do any manual...
  • Re: video of a FL. doc on vbac

    HMMM, ZoeysMom, really the Midwife said that to you? When I look around my BF support group, I have a very hard time believing that only one in three ~could~ deliver vaginally. Makes me sad when I hear women say.... "I had to have a c-section" and discuss their births....very few were "allowed"...
    Posted to VBAC and Cesarean Prevention (Forum) by Doula Mary on 04-10-2009
  • Re: Time Magazine "The Troube with Repeat C-Sections"

    Thanks for posting the link, Jessica. The women at ICAN are very happy about this article coming out. Here's what I received today from the wonderful Gretchen Humphries. Please, let's all go to the story and bump up the viewings, make comments, and write out experiences. Thanks, Gloria I am thrilled...
    Posted to VBAC and Cesarean Prevention (Forum) by GloriaLemay on 02-19-2009
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