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  • Anterior Lip

    We've had a string of these lately. For some reason, we are seeing a few moms who are complete, yet have that thin cervical lip hanging on. For once client, the cervix was coming down with the baby's head. We tried ice which helped greatly and did some gentle pushing of the cervix during a contraction...
    Posted to Birth Complications (Forum) by Jen636 on 08-02-2009
  • Reducing a cervical lip

    I am just wanting some feedback on this. As a doula, I am always encouraging my moms to listen to their bodies and trust themselves and their baby to give birth. However, I have noticed that if a cervical lip is found, that most midwives in our area want to manually reduce them without giving the mom...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by michelled4 on 06-06-2009
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