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  • Midwife in South Dakota

    Hey there! I just found out I am expecting my second child, let me tell you a little about my hospital experience with my daughter; we arrived at the hospital around 3 am, the dr's let me labor for 2 hours, during which I was allowed to go into the bathtub for short periods of time but, then my doctor...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by vandervorst on 04-01-2014
  • question about cord clamping and giving pitocin

    hi! i work in a hospital as a midwife and there we must give pitocin after birth. I have noticed that if i administer Pitocin IM ( 10- 20 units) right after baby is born the mother bleeds a lot less (100 CC blood) then when i wait and give the Pitocin (IM or IV) after the placenta comes out (300-500...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by newbe on 05-06-2012
  • 1 hour old infant passing copious bloody meconium

    Hello all, I attended a birth of a G 10 P6 this week. Uneventful prenatal care. Mom opted for no US, and there were no indications to obtain one. Labor onset with SROM, with what was described as "pink fluid." I went to assess, and indeed, the fluid was pink. Could have been bloody AF, or cervical...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by momandmidwife on 07-08-2010
  • Re: Wise words re:- Vit k??

    I also inform parents and let them decide. Most opt not to do the shot. I keep thinking that Mother Nature did not make a huge mistake by having babies born with low vitamin K. There is a reason but we don't know it yet. Perhaps it makes reabsorbing the blood from birth bruising easier? Assists circulation...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by herbwyfe on 06-12-2009
  • Vaccination Altercation

    Who directs our health care—the care of our bodies and our children’s bodies? Why do some nurses believe that only they know what is best for kids? I ask these questions because recently a friend related her experience with her child and vaccinations. On the family’s first visit to...
    Posted to Jan Tritten's Blog (Weblog) by Donna on 03-21-2009
  • Midwifery Today Covers - A Slide Show

    Here is a lovely slide show of some of the more recent covers of Midwifery Today magazine. Jan
    Posted to Jan Tritten's Blog (Weblog) by Anonymous on 02-03-2009
  • Not Enough Milk?

    What is causing this epidemic of “not enough milk” in mothers who are trying to breastfeed? I am glad that it didn’t happen before the invention of artificial baby milk formula, because if it had, a lot of us probably would not exist today. In fact, the human population would undoubtedly be much smaller...
    Posted to Jan Tritten's Blog (Weblog) by Anonymous on 12-21-2008
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