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  • tubs

    Can you all chime in on which birth tubs you like the best, & least & why? Thanks.
    Posted to Waterbirth (Forum) by marlenecpm on 05-04-2012
  • Re: Waterbirth Questions from an aspiring Midwife

    Why do women choose to give birth in water? For me, the answer is three simple words: Mobility Support Control I had my first four on dry land. I had the last 3 in water. I have a very powerful ejection reflex. It is very difficult for me to just breathe the baby out and not have it shoot out of me like...
    Posted to Waterbirth (Forum) by Generations on 06-01-2011
  • Less Pain in Labor

    The other day I took my young friend--whose birth I am helping with--to the birth center where she plans to have her baby. The midwife, while showing her the birth pool, stated that recent research show that women experience 70% less pain while birthing in water. I don't know if there is any way...
    Posted to Jan Tritten's Blog (Weblog) by Anonymous on 02-12-2008
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