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  • Group B Strep help

    I am going to give some back ground information here that may seem irrelevant. However my goal is to give you the whole picture as it may effect my entire overall health and current state of my body. So please bear with me. I am currently 34 years old and 37 weeks pregnant, in a couple days will be 38...
    Posted to Pregnancy and Prenatal Care (Forum) by morae on 01-04-2011
  • Alternative perspectives on Group B Strep - "Evil Bacillus," or "Beneficial Microbe"?

    My wife and I have a beautiful and healthy 4 month old daughter, and thankfully, we had her through a midwife the natural way. That is, not without many challenges along the way. Our experience with "Group B" is what I want to share with you here, so you can get a broader perspective on what...
    Posted to Interventions (Forum) by sji on 05-24-2009
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