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  • Mammografi is it dangerous for me?

    i've been married for 3 years and i dont have a baby yet, I'd like to chek up my mammae, caused my i've seen my neighbour died becuase of cancer. so..what kind of examination i should follow for getting the best result to prevent the worst. which itsn't have any effect for my reproductive...
    Posted to Well-Woman Care (Forum) by fitrahdj on 05-27-2009
  • Re: Same problem again :-(

    Hi Chamutal, I don't know anything about the soy and chances of twins, but let me know if you find out. I'm also not sure of how it works in England with the progesterone. But here, you can get progesterone cream over the counter, but in low concentrations. You need a prescription and a pharmacist...
    Posted to Well-Woman Care (Forum) by RobsGirl on 04-23-2009
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