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  • Re: CPM vs CNM

    [quote user="midwifea"] So many homebirth midwives are leaving practice and heading back to school for the CNM route I worry for the future of homebirth. Glad to know there are some who continue on the CPM route. They are needed!! [/quote]I know a lot of CNMs who only do home births.... Why...
  • CNM vs CPM pros/cons?

    Hi there! I am a doula serving families in Richmond, VA and surrounding areas. I am looking into moving forward towards becoming a midwife and would like to hear other's opinions on the subject above. I am truly on the fence with which avenue to take, therefore I seek some professional input. Thank...
  • Re: Exploring the field of midwifery

    Hello! Good luck with your program. I want to be a CPM, but I think we need good, progressive CNMs to help change the way things are done in hospitals. I'd like to see homebirth and birth centers become the norm for women with low-risk pregnancies, but there will always be women with high-risk pregnancies...
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