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  • Midwifery Management of NRP by Karen Strange

    Hi everyone, I just took Karen Strange's full day Midwifery Management of Neonatal Resuscitation class and was BLOWN AWAY!! I am an RN and have taken NRP in a hospital setting twice before and have NEVER EVER EVER gotten the kind of information and just... amazingness(!) that I got out of Karen's class.  I wish it had been 3 days ...
  • Re: CNM Programs Emphasizing Natural Approach

    Wow- thanks for posting this!!  I accidentally came upon it in some of my google searches, but so glad I did. :) I am also having the same dilemma, although I am already an RN, which makes my choice a little easier I think.  If I had to choose RIGHT NOW, without already having my RN license (in CA) I would choose CPM over CNM, honestly. ...
  • Re: CPM vs CNM

    Yes, all additionally really good points. Thank you. :) It is nice to know that I can add the CPM/Homebirth skills and knowledge down the line as well.  My main source of confusion and ignorance right now is my own state laws regarding CNM's doing homebirths, etc.  Which is something I intend to remedy shortly. I have found a lot of ...
  • Re: CPM vs CNM

    Wow- LifeAGift! What a great eye opening post- thank you!  This internal battle is why I decided to seek out forums like this!   I am bumping this thread because I think your outlook and insight is SO HELPFUL!   I am an RN (Associate's degree only) who has finally decided to give in to myself (lol) and become a Midwife. ...
  • Re: What is a "self study"? and how?

    I don't have any books to add to this amazing list- but wanted to also say Thanks to everyone who has contributed to it! I would like to say that all through Nursing school- I used the typical Outline format for all my note-taking: heading, sub-heading-topics, details, etc...  I think this would be a great way to chronicle your studying ...
Page 1 of 1 (5 items)
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