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  • Re: Comparing direct entry midwifery credentials

    I can't help you much with NZ requirements, but I completed the Australian Direct Entry qualification a year ago so can give you some idea as to what was involved in that. In Australia, the only people legally able to call themselves "midwives" are registered midwives, registered wtih AHPRA (the Australian Health Practitioner ...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by r8chele on 01-07-2011
  • Re: Hello :)

    Hi Dechen.  I just replied to your posts in another thread.  You are correct in that there is no formal apprenticeship model leading to registered midwifery in Australia.  However, the new BMid program offered by Griffiths University does, I believe, allow students to do most of their clinical placements with an IM.  I believe ...
  • Re: Becoming an IM in Australia

    It is not yet illegal to practice independently in Australia although there are still several things up in the air and the situation could become more complicated at any time.   Currently, all health professionals are required to hold professional indemnity insurance (PII) in order to practice.  There is no PII covering intrapartum ...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by r8chele on 07-08-2010
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