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  • CASA this fall

    Anyone here going to casa this fall?  I will be there October and November.  I'm taking my baby (16mo) and my mom to watch him.  I am so excited, but feeling nervous about th spanish (I actually hired a tutor). anyway, i just thought i'd throw this out there to see if I could "meet" a fellow intern beforehand ...
  • Re: Ancient Art Midwifery Institute

    Yes, you're correct.  Since CPMs have become legal in my state I've watched several traditional midwives sucessfully navigate and complete the PEP process.  Its certainly possible, and really, what I'm doing.  I haven't worked through much of AAMI at all.  I really wish I would have listened to my gut and saved ...
  • Re: direct-entry programs

    I live in a state which just recently became legal for CPMs.  When I started apprenticing, ther were no CPMs in my area, so I started working with local underground DEMs.  For those of us in illegal states - I saw a poster from Chicago -, getting your CPM is still a possibility.  You must have a CPM or a legal preceptor to attend a ...
  • Re: Ancient Art Midwifery Institute

    I signed up a couple years ago and do not like it.  I am using some of the materials for self-study but find the structure of the program, and the insistence that it is the BEST program a little silly. I am uncomfortable with some other aspects of the program, mainly transparency and personality.  Many, many people LOVE AAMI, but there ...
Page 1 of 1 (4 items)
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