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  • Re: Magnesium Supplement for Constipation in Pregnancy

    Beyond the magnesium supplement to help support bowel movements (which sounds find), many woman benefit from high grade fish oils.  We recommend them to all of our moms and I think they really help.  I also always try and point out to our more constipated moms to try and give themselves TIME to have BM's.  We can get so rushed ...
    Posted to Pregnancy and Prenatal Care (Forum) by withmamas on 09-01-2012
  • Re: Buffing up on suturing skills

    Thanks Midwifea!  Yes, I plan to get out the chicken and go to town with practice.  The youtube videos are a great idea.  I'll have to check those out.  In the end you are right, nothing beats doing it in the real, when you are tired and have poor lighting.  Thank you for your input.  
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by withmamas on 09-01-2012
  • Re: Management of excessive vomiting in labor

    I have not seen such a sever case a vomiting during labour, but thought I might make some suggestions.  I was thinking about acupuncture, both prenatally and during labour to help.  I think it would be worth looking into as I have seen it help women with nausea during labour.  It sounds like your hospital would be open to another ...
    Posted to Labor, Birth and Postpartum (Forum) by withmamas on 08-31-2012
  • Re: How do you manage childcare:

    I think managing childcare is one of the most difficult aspects of midwifery.  I truly believe it takes a whole community to support a midwife and her family.  I had a list of folks who offered that I could call them if I was in a pinch and needed childcare.  If my husband was unavailable, then we had a list of close friends we ...
  • Buffing up on suturing skills

    I want to improve my ability to suture.  What resources have worked best for you, either at a distance classes,  books or dvds?  I'm open to suggestions please!  Thanks!
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by withmamas on 08-31-2012
  • Practicing Rurally

    Hi everyone!  I too, want to help revitalize this forum spot.  I used to come here often to learn and find great wisdoms and found it very valuable.  My question to you now is about practicing midwifery rurally.  I live about an hour from the nearest hospital, and will soon be serving woman in my community.  For those of ...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by withmamas on 08-31-2012
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