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  • Re: Midwives in IL

     Hi there. The only "legal" midwives in Illinois are CNMs. There is a "Big Push" to legalize CPMs too but we're not there yet. There are many underground options available but obviously- your insurance won't cover those. What type of insurance do you have? The only "approved facilities" currently in ...
  • Re: Any tips for teaching childbirth classes with a new baby of your own?

      I started teaching my classes when my 2nd DD was 7 weeks old. I teach out of a midwive's office. I would carry her in a sling through class and she would sleep mostly and nurse. My students LOVED it. They got to see babywearing, diaper changing and breastfeeding and how life works with a baby. I got to illustrate that my children ...
Page 1 of 1 (2 items)
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