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  • Record keeping

    Hello ladies, I am a midwife under supervision in Las Vegas, NV.  I have loved lurking on this forum and taking it all in.   I am currently working on developing a document for our practice to use during labor, birth and postpartum.  A little background, we are a practice of traditionally (appenticeship) trained midwives.  ...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by Ranni on 04-13-2010
  • Re: Student midwife question

    That is how it has gone for me.  I never intended to become a midwife and now after a few years of spending time with my own midwife and finally deciding to acknowledge the call I had been avoiding I was already a ways down this path.  I do live in a wonderful cowboy state so I don't have any regulations to dictate my course of study ...
  • Student midwife question

    Hello, I am an apprenticing midwife and am wondering if there any others out there who are taking an apprenticship path to becoming a midwife without a formal academic program?  I see quite a bit about AAMI and other programs but am curious if anyone else is pursuing this path to midwifery? Ranni
Page 1 of 1 (3 items)
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