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  • Re: seizures

    I don't want to cause great alarm, but a grand mal seizure is nothing to mess around with. It was Feb. 8th, 2008 when I happened to come home from work midday (never had done it before or since that day) and noticed our 22 yr. old daughter was still sleeping at almost noon. I went in to wake her up and found her unresponsive. I later learned ...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by HappyGrammie on 05-28-2010
  • Re: About Normal Childbirth

    I attended the birth of a VBA2C...It was a beautifully, uncomplicated home birth after 31 hours of labor. She had wanted a slow, tolerable labor and that it was. When baby came out into the water, there wasn't a dry eye in the place...especially the dad! He kept repeating, "You did it, you did it!" It was priceless :0))
  • Re: RN seeking experience in birth center/home birth setting

    Even though you are an RN, I recommend certification. The insurance industry is beginning to do third party reimbursement for doula care but they'll most likely require that you provide your credentials. It took me 6 months to complete my DONA packet which requires the documentation/evaluation of 3 qualifying births. During that time, I ...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by HappyGrammie on 12-17-2009
  • Re: Repeat customer: question for easier/shorter pushing this time.

    I've had a couple of doula clients that were having difficulty with baby coming underneath the pubic bone. In most births, stage 2 should be done in upright positions (squatting, hands/knees, standing, etc.). In two cases where this was a problem due to head size or pelvic shape, the midwife had the mom change to pushing on her back until baby ...
  • Re: positive preg test 2 weeks after period was due

    Congratulations on the positive test...is this your first baby? The general guideline is to add 7 days to the first day of your LMP and go backward 3 months. Example: If LMP was Oct. 1, your estimated due date would be July 8th. Take care!
    Posted to Pregnancy and Prenatal Care (Forum) by HappyGrammie on 10-13-2009
  • Re: Rh Negative and one more question

     Zero chance your baby can have Rh+ blood. Positive plus positive is positive...Negative plus negative is negative...One of each can be either. You would think they would have asked you what blood type the father was before requiring you to get Rhogam. Unless this isn't your first pregnancy and you could have possibly carried an Rh+ baby. ...
    Posted to Pregnancy and Prenatal Care (Forum) by HappyGrammie on 10-02-2009
  • Re: Rh Negative and one more question

     Lisamarie~ The risk comes into play if there happens to be a small placental tear during pregnancy that would allow the baby's blood to mix with yours and the possibility of baby being rh+. It also depends on your partner's blood type; if he's rh- as well, then you don't need it. You can take the risk (no placental ...
    Posted to Pregnancy and Prenatal Care (Forum) by HappyGrammie on 10-02-2009
  • Re: Someone please tell me, What's the rush?

     I agree with Bec on the reasons that OB's are anxious to get baby #2 out. I delivered identical twins both vaginally at 38 wks with baby #2 arriving 2 hours later. That's about the max an OB will let you go in between births before doing a c-section. On a side note, my sister had identical twins 5 months after I had mine and both ...
    Posted to Labor, Birth and Postpartum (Forum) by HappyGrammie on 09-01-2009
  • Fired for breastfeeding on work break!

     Can't believe a boss would think he could even get away with this action. Glad justice was served! http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2009/08/21/20090821breastfeeding21-ON.html  
    Posted to Breastfeeding (Forum) by HappyGrammie on 08-21-2009
  • Re: twin birth videos and encouragement...

     As long as baby #1 is head down and stays head down until birth, baby #2 can turn once #1 is born. I carried my twins to 38 weeks. Baby #1 was born vaginally with no problem. Baby #2 was doing all kinds of flips (I guess because he had never had so much room!) and didn't want to get head down. After much manipulation by doc internally ...
    Posted to Labor, Birth and Postpartum (Forum) by HappyGrammie on 08-19-2009
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