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  • ovarian cysts

    Hi all, Any advice for a 30 year old woman who is trying to conceive and recently had a 16 cm cyst, as well as one ovary and tube, removed.  I haven't spoken to her directly and don't know what type of cyst it was, nor do I know if she has any cysts on the other ovary. What would you suggest for her as she tries to conceive?  I ...
    Posted to Well-Woman Care (Forum) by singingtree on 01-03-2010
  • Re: Injured and Fractured Tailbones

    The few tailbones broken in birth that I have heard of were all posterior babies, and none involved epidurals or instruments.  And I agree with everyone- OW!!!
    Posted to Birth Complications (Forum) by singingtree on 04-06-2009
  • Re: Diva Cup

    Anyone ever used Instead?  I've been using it for years and think its wonderful.  The keeper didn't work for me, I could feel it all the time, it was very uncomfortable. Instead is a plastic ring with a 'cup' made of very thin plastic, sort of like saran wrap.  It is very flexible and there is absolutely no suction ...
    Posted to Well-Woman Care (Forum) by singingtree on 04-06-2009
  • Re: Menstruation Question

    Wow.  Passing out from pain/cramping diarrhea during a period is definitely not normal.  I would recommend acupuncture and herbs from an experienced Chinese medical practitioner.   Your friend might also seriously consider hormonal birth control.  This is usually the only response western med has to this kind of thing, and ...
    Posted to Well-Woman Care (Forum) by singingtree on 04-06-2009
  • Re: Student midwife question

    I did apprenticeship without a formal school.  I read tons of books and spent lots of time on the internet reading about birth.  Read lots of midwifery journals, obstetrics, everything.  I am very comfortable reading academic and scientific stuff and spent lots of time with those things. In my state you have to know pharmacology and ...
  • Re: Scholarships for Midwifery Programs?

    I'm not sure what you mean by Bachelor of Midwifery/CM. If you mean Certified Midwife, the only program to go to is the one at Suny Downstate and that is part of a university and there should be regular student loans available. That is a Masters degree not a Bachelors. If you mean CPM- Bachelor of Midwifery, I don't know of any ...
  • Re: Question re: cocaine use during pg...

    Congratulations!  It is wonderful that you are open to sharing your lives and home with another child.  At the same time, I hope that his removal from his home of origin is appropriate, as so many such removals are racist, classist and subject to arbitrary decisions by underfunded, overworked case workers. My understanding is that the ...
    Posted to Pregnancy and Prenatal Care (Forum) by singingtree on 04-05-2009
  • Re: TTC at 42

    Absolutely the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  And acupuncture/herbs with a good Chinese Medicine practitioner.
    Posted to Wholistic Care (Forum) by singingtree on 03-14-2009
  • Bartholin's gland cyst- help!

    Hi all, Any holistic remedies for a (probably infected) Bartholin's gland cyst.  I just got a call from a lady with symptoms that must be this, and I am looking for herbal type remedies.  (I haven't seen it.)  She's taking sitz baths and is going to use a black tea bag on it, and take immune supporting supplements, ...
    Posted to Well-Woman Care (Forum) by singingtree on 03-14-2009
  • Re: Advice re prelabour rupture of membranes please!!!

    Cali4niachef, where do you get your stats from?  I usually tell mamas that 'about 80% of women will begin active labor by 24 hours'.  Your stats are a bit more specific, I'd love to see the source.
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by singingtree on 03-13-2009
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