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  • Re: Healing after attending a still birth

     I'm sorry to hear that this family had to go through this. It sounds as though they were lucky to have such great support with them through all of this. The reality is all those involved in this baby's birth have their own grief to deal with. it's a tough thing as we all go into this work wanting to help babies be born safely and ...
    Posted to Grief, Loss and Trauma (Forum) by shanti on 03-30-2009
  • Re: Any Canadians here?

     Hello! I am a Canadian student who chose to study through distance with the Midwives College of Utah. I'm at the tail end of my education and am working through PLEA applications now. Just thought I'd say hello. Are you in a province with a midwifery university program or were you planning on studying through distance. Distance ed ...
  • Re: Would it be possible to add a Trying to Conceive/Fertility section?

     I just wanted to add my support for this. there are plenty of TTC/fertility forums out there but it would be great to have one within a forum that focuses on a more holistic approach to pregnancy so you would know that you have contact with like-minded women.
    Posted to Experiments and Questions (Forum) by shanti on 03-12-2009
  • Physical Examination

    Hello, Just a quick question/survey about helpful texts for physical examinations. Do midwives who complete full physcial examinations of their clients have a text in particular that they prefer to use as a reference? I am preparing to register as a midwife and have to go through the PLEA process here in Canada. The physical ...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by shanti on 03-12-2009
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