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  • losing my way

    Well here I am, back where I started. In 1998 I was talking with a friend about a lack of direction in my life, when rather out of the blue, she said, "You should be a Midwife" lol I  laughed, "Do they even HAVE those anymore??" But the min I looked into it, I was done for! I'd be a Midwife, or die trying!!! ...
  • Re: Intro

    "just a wanna be!" LOL but aren't we all? We all wanna be something more then we are! I have been studying Midwifery for YEARS! ANd raising a family, and supporting my community! I've even tried to let it go! When I couldn't, thats when I realized, I am a Midwife. No, I am NOT prepared to take on responsibility for ...
  • Re: Student Midwives- How do you make it work?

    LOL I know what you meen! I've been know to cry alot! jk But I think the best things is as you've mentioned, do something related. Yes, it may delay your Midwifery training, but it may also delay the bill collecters! Also, & I know this may not be an option for some, but can you learn to live on less??? Good Luck to you! B Rhie
  • Re: Newbie alert! (me, haha)

    Just my 2 cents, but I loved Anne Fryes Holistic Midwifery (1&2) Happy reading!! BB Rhie
  • Mentoring program

    Hello all I have long wondered if I was the only one interested in a mentorship program. Yes, I know thats part of an apprenticeship, but for those of us who do not have an apprenticeship, it can become a bit lonely. So, I was wondering, if there was such a thing as a mentorship program, would anyone be interested? (on both sides of course! mentor ...
  • Renewal

    Well, hello all! I hope all is well with everyone. My name is Rhianynn, my friends call me Rhie. I have been studying Midwifery for about 11 years now, been to many workshops and trainings, and even was blessed to hold an apprenticship for a short time. However, I am STILL a student. You know the saying "always a ...
Page 1 of 1 (6 items)
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