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  • Re: Giving birth in India

    Hi Danielle,  I hope by now you have found the midwives of the Birth VIllage in Cochin, Kerala. Here is the website http://www.birthvillage.in/index.php I know that you want a homebirth but that might not be possible. You will find qualified and excellent midwives at the birth center. I have referred many women to that birth center when ...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by mangaP on 04-21-2014
  • how to correct a bad latch?

    OK fellow midwives. I am not a lactation consultant but I am a midwife. I am trying to help a new mom over the phone. She had her baby in the hospital (In India) the baby did not nurse right away but started in the last 24 hours to nurse.  She has breastfed a previous baby but with pain for the whole breastfeeding experience. She thinks her ...
    Posted to Breastfeeding (Forum) by mangaP on 10-18-2012
  • Re: Midwifery in India

    well, I am not an authority on midwifery in India, but I am a midwife and I do live here and I am just finding out about how it is here. I will pass on what I know. It seems like there are nurse midwives who function in a hospital setting, I do not think they have much authority though or even handle births at all. There are the traditional ...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by mangaP on 11-28-2011
  • Fibroids and birth...what has your experience been?

    I have talked to so many women here (Delhi) that have fibroids and it seems as though the doc's treat them as high risk. In my experience, fibroids have never been a mojor issue. I have not seen them cause excess bleeding or prevent a NSVD. I am now talking to a woman who is considering a homebirth, and she has fibroids. She has had them ...
    Posted to Labor, Birth and Postpartum (Forum) by mangaP on 09-24-2011
  • anyone doing birth work in India?

    We are considering a move to India... I am a midwife an dwould likt to know what birth work looks like for others   Where are you? What does it look like for you to do birthwork?   Are you able to be of service to the poor?   I would be so greatful for any insight and information and passing along of your ...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by mangaP on 03-14-2011
  • Re: Travelling Midwifery

     Yes I would absoluetly want to carry an ocytocic drug for any birth I was attending. If I was traveling to help a family with their birth and it was a one time thing, I would and have carried it with me (sourced from my normal source in the US) If I was going to be helping with lots of births in a location I would find a local source. In a ...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by mangaP on 12-08-2010
  • Are you a Christian midwife wanting to volunteer in Mexico?

      I came across this birth center quite by accident! I love what they are doing and I have a soft spot in my heart for Mexico! They need a midwife to volunteer with them for a year because the midwife they had lined up was not able to come. They are wanting to open in Jan and expect 10 births a month. They have the full support of the ...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by mangaP on 11-30-2010
  • Re: Do you leave the baby under the water?

    Interesting point, I will go and read it again. (the Harper website) I would really like to hear from the midwives about a possible signal from the baby to be brought up out of the water. That would be interesting to hear. Also April, on the ocean, pontoon birth do you mean that you had to resuscitate the baby or or jst give good hard ...
    Posted to Waterbirth (Forum) by mangaP on 08-10-2010
  • Re: Do you leave the baby under the water?

    So acording to Barbara Harper there is no reason to leave the baby under the water, but it is not known when the baby's oxygen supply will be cut off, so that leaves me with the conclusion to follow instinct and get the baby up to the moms chest (not in a panic) as I would any other birth. OK so another question for you wonderful ladies! ...
    Posted to Waterbirth (Forum) by mangaP on 08-09-2010
  • I'd love to hear stories!

    I would love to hear other midwives stories about what they are doing on the international midwifery scene! I worked in the Philippines for about 4 years. I was a midwife in a free birth center. We helped women who otherwise would have gone to the local public hospital and these women were oftentimes to poor to afford what they would need there! ...
    Posted to International Midwifery (Forum) by mangaP on 08-08-2010
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