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  • Re: Doula-ing for teens

    for me, personally, I felt vindicated. See, being spoken too like this is a regular thing for me as a doula. Why should any member of the labor team be verbally assaulted? OB, nurse, doula or otherwise. The hospital staff doesn't like me cause I am very vocal about my preference to homebirth, so for one to stand up for me (even if, and I ...
  • Re: Doula-ing for teens

    I guess its the just the way that I get teen clients or the demographics of the teens I get, but I hate it! I don't mean to be discouraging or even sound unsupportive/uncaring, but teens have burned me out. I am employed in a hospital based doula program. Were on call in 12 hours shifts. The moms are in labor, nurses ask if they are ...
  • Re: How about an introductions thread?

    Hi all, I'm Brie, I am a mom of 2 girls, Ava, 2, and Caitlyn, 1. Caitlyn is happily still nursing and I pump extra for donation. Ava, sadly self weaned while I was pregnant. I am married and we have a Boston Terrorist (dog) and tabby cat, both taken off death row at city shelters! I finally submitted my DONA certification packet and can now ...
Page 1 of 1 (3 items)
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