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  • Re: Induction for deceased baby

    She could wait for her body to do it on its own. This is hard because it can take a month or more for the body to realize it isn't pregnant anymore. In this case, she may want to monitor clotting factors and prepare herself emotionally. It can be done. Our bodies know what to do. She should find an experienced caregiver for this. I am not ...
    Posted to Interventions (Forum) by herbwyfe on 03-18-2010
  • Re: High Risk without interventions?

    You sound really motivated and all that you are doing with diet and exercise will help all your conditions. Keep it up! I agree that was not the right doula for you. There are better ones out there- keep checking around. You can try the Birth Arts International site to look for some in your area. I hope you and the midwife will hit it off. You ...
    Posted to Interventions (Forum) by herbwyfe on 03-18-2010
  • Re: amniotic fluid levels

    Measurements of AFI are not that accurate. I would not induce on that indication by itself. There are ways to increase the level- drinking lots of water, stevia (an herb) seems to increase levels and actually may be something to check if mom is showing too much fluid. I don't think there is enough knowledge about fluid levels.
    Posted to Interventions (Forum) by herbwyfe on 03-18-2010
  • Re: lic midwifery

    Wow! I think a lot of us would like to do what you are doing in some way. If we could really bring the homebirth ways to the hospital!
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by herbwyfe on 03-18-2010
  • Re: Question about proteinuria

    Lots of other sources for protein in urine- blood, semen, etc. It is not a very specific test. Nettles to nourish and cleanse the kidneys. You would need to do blood work to really tell what is going on.
    Posted to Pregnancy and Prenatal Care (Forum) by herbwyfe on 02-24-2010
  • Re: ovarian cysts

    I would do herbs. She can also ask the acupuncturist about payment plans or barter. It never hurts to ask! Calendula, roses, cleavers as a base for infusions. Castor oil packs
    Posted to Well-Woman Care (Forum) by herbwyfe on 02-24-2010
  • Re: Need a little pep

    You are not crazy. It is hard, though, when your sisters are not supportive. I feel if you are informing your clients of the range of options/practice, what your experience and thoughts are, give them resources to do their own research you have done informed consent. They need to make the decision about how they want to be cared for and you need ...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by herbwyfe on 02-24-2010
  • Re: a new perineal oil?

    I really feel it's the mom's nutrition that makes healthy strong, flexible tissue. The baby's head does a fine job of stretching the perineum. I don't do any stretching (as the midwife). I will do warm compresses to bring relaxation and circulation to the area if it feels good to the mom. Of course, in water you don't need to!
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by herbwyfe on 02-24-2010
  • Re: Work/Life Balance

    I am going to post my answer to another posting as I think it applies here as well. My view is probably not too popular among mothers/student midwives with young children. Your babies need you! You will learn so much being a mom that applies directly to midwifery. You will be midwifing a developing human being! This is a very important job so ...
  • Re: Renewal

    I know it can seem like a long time but I think life experiences and lessons are midwifery education. It is easy to learn the book stuff, the skills, but not so easy to learn compassion, detachment, patience, persistence and commitment. These are the qualities that life teaches and are essential for being a good midwife and not just a birth ...
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