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  • Someone please tell me, What's the rush?

    Hello My friend pregnant with twins...almost 35 wks... is having a lot of trouble figuring out how she wants to deliver her babies.   Her mom, an ob nurse has her just about convinced that c-section birth is the best for her... all of that said-probably unnecessarily, here's the main question... What is the medical reason the obs ...
    Posted to Labor, Birth and Postpartum (Forum) by bigmama on 08-31-2009
  • Re: twin birth videos and encouragement...

    Ladies, ladies, ladies.. Thanks so much for the ideas for clips on births.    I am sorry to not have responded sooner.   Life at our house is hopping.   I haven't gotten to see any of them yet...we are still in the stone age with dial up service for our internet, so i need to wait til i get somewhere that ...
    Posted to Labor, Birth and Postpartum (Forum) by bigmama on 08-28-2009
  • twin birth videos and encouragement...

    First time mom 32wks. with twins.  It was the fertility route that they went to conceive...they had been married for almost 6 years, wanting a baby badly.  :)  we are so happy for her, but her OB is scared...probably due to the lack of experience with twins. she has had them going c-section since wk 28ish...the first baby ...
    Posted to Labor, Birth and Postpartum (Forum) by bigmama on 08-17-2009
  • Re: Evening Primrose Oil

    Greetings. EPO is great!  It comes highly recommended.  I imagine you'll probably get a variety of answers as to how and how much... you'll just have to sort that out.  :)  Each pregnant mom is unique and I dare say that a special formula could be concocted for each one.  Anyway...around wk  36 a mom can take ...
    Posted to Wholistic Care (Forum) by bigmama on 08-16-2009
  • Re: cottonroot bark?

    A vigorous, lovely baby boy was born last night (Mon. 7/6) shortly before 11pm (approx 24 hrs ago).  The cotton root bark never did show up in the mail.  :0  But the Lord gave us some direction in regards to quite a gentle go at inducing.  Imyself, am not an aggressive inducer.   I am of the opinion that the baby will ...
    Posted to Wholistic Care (Forum) by bigmama on 07-07-2009
  • mastectomy ?

    mom had a double removal a couple of years ago. she is due to deliver anytime now (2 wks past dates)...she was wondering about the remaining tissues--she feels like they couldn't possibly have gotten every breast cell---will she experience engorgement, and how can she alleviate any pain since she can't pump or nurse her baby.? this has ...
    Posted to Breastfeeding (Forum) by bigmama on 07-06-2009
  • Re: cottonroot bark?

      Thanks for your input!  Where are all of the others who have worked with it? If it's in the mail tomorrow, we'll give it a go...otherwise, i think she wants to try the cohoshes today.
    Posted to Wholistic Care (Forum) by bigmama on 07-05-2009
  • Re: oxytocin to induce?

    Accupressure is a great idea!  thanks.  i have not ever used it myself...i saw someone work with it on an expecting mom, but didn't see any results, so i guess it's not the first thing i think of. How many seconds or minutes do you work each area for? Her ankles and lower legs are so swollen that i don't know if I will be ...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by bigmama on 07-04-2009
  • oxytocin to induce?

    Mama two weeks past dates with 9th baby.  A double removal of her breasts was done a couple of years ago in a battle for her life due to an aggressive cancer.   She is going to be induced on Tuesday at the hospital.  Her husband would like her to be trying "things" now, hoping to get labor going ---she had a bad ...
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by bigmama on 07-04-2009
  • Re: need a good alternative to breastmilk!

    She is a bit picky...she mentioned not being comfortable with giving her baby something from someone who she doesn't know.  Is the milkshare a program found nationally? thanks for your thoughts.    
    Posted to Breastfeeding (Forum) by bigmama on 06-29-2009
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