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  • Re: grandmother midwife

    Wow! that is really great! Congratulations Grandma. I was present when my sister gave birth to her son. She had a slightly long 3rd stage labor but the rest went great. I never thougth for a moment about giving up my want for a hoembirth when the time comes. Glad your other daughter took the same view. Congratulations again.
    Posted to Midwife Chat (Forum) by Joy on 05-18-2011
  • Re: Fetal Circulation Rap

    Hahaha, that is so funny. Could you imagine if the baby was dancing like that in mommys womb?
    Posted to Doula and Childbirth Educator Chat (Forum) by Joy on 04-26-2011
  • Re: Apprenticeship Opportunity

    Hello, I am looking to meet more midwives on the Eugene area. I am looking for an apprentiship, but unfortuantly I don't think I qualify for yours. Do you know of any other midwives who are also looking for an apprentice?
  • Re: Teaching Classes Specific to Homebirth

    Yes I realize this thread is dead, but Brinbabies would you be willing to send me your outline as well? Thanks Joy
    Posted to Doula and Childbirth Educator Chat (Forum) by Joy on 04-26-2011
  • Re: Looking for information.

    Have you ever heard of Childbirth International? It is a really great online school where I got alot of my training. It catters to people in all 50 stastes as well as to people in different countrys.(If you ever happpen to be stationed over seas) It is a highly flexible program great for women with familys or jobs. I would recommend you check out ...
  • Re: Looking for Advice

    Hi Raven, I thought I might add my opinion on the age limit. I just finished high school last year, but because I was home schooled I finished early. I am 17, I am a doula and childbirth educator looking for an appretiship. I have been interrested in birth since I was 9 and started a self education course at around 14 when my Mom gave birth to ...
  • Any Advice?

    Hi, I am a new Doula. I have three clients lined up for me who have agreed to let me Doula for them. I have been present at two births, but have yet to be the head Doula at one. Well as I said I have some friends who are going to be my first clients. I am very nerviouse that I am going to be too much for the mothers comfort. That I will be too ...
    Posted to Doula and Childbirth Educator Chat (Forum) by Joy on 04-22-2011
  • Introduction

    Hello everyone! I am a certified Doula and Childborth educator. I am a student midwife and hope to very soon be an apprenticed midwife. I love Midwifery Today and all the useful things it has. I look forward very much to meeting you all and recieveing as much learning from you as you wish to share.
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