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  • Re: Group B Strep help

     Wow congrats! Thats great to hear! I bet you drove the L&D nurses crazy, I would have loved to see it..lol. Everyone means well but sometimes get caught up in procedure and policy that its hard to customize care to patients. We see it a lot with continuous fetal monitoring. They can sometimes get in trouble if they dont push for people ...
    Posted to Pregnancy and Prenatal Care (Forum) by jkennedyNP on 01-11-2011
  • Re: Being an Approachable Birth Advocate is Difficult... Right?

     Congratulations on your studies! I agree as mentioned above that one of the most important things to remember is that no individual is a like. In the direct entry midwifery field your patients will seek you out because they want a natural birth. Your challenge would be to learn everything you can about natural birthing so you help them not ...
  • Re: Looking for information.

     Hi, The Doula route would be the fastest route to get in the door and see what you would  like to do in the future. I was in the military 20yrs, most of it was as a Labor and Delivery/peds nurse. I loved every minute of it and always try to encourage people to go into nursing. Most of the military programs have tuition for spouses and ...
  • Re: Pay for birth assistant?

     Hi Birthlove, That sounds pretty neat and like a really rare opportunity. In Colorado there is a birth center here that has an on call RN that attends the births. It is similar to a home environment. You would have to ask her if you would be paid hourly, if there is on call pay, as you are graduating what your initial pay would be compared ...
  • Re: perineal massage pain

     Perineal massage is one of those topics of debate. When people ask if they should do it our recommendations are to try it but if it is uncomfortable to not do it. If you are becomming sore you could try it without rubbing the fingers in the vagina but just pressing downward with gentle pressure to stretch the muscles to a point where it ...
    Posted to Pregnancy and Prenatal Care (Forum) by jkennedyNP on 01-10-2011
  • Re: Group B Strep help

     Morae, Congrats if you have already had your baby! It sounds like you have done your research and that is probably the most important thing to do so you can make an educated decision. Im my experience with working with GBS it is rare that newborns have infections passed during delivery (most research says <5%). If you dont get ...
    Posted to Pregnancy and Prenatal Care (Forum) by jkennedyNP on 01-10-2011
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