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Rebekah C.

Member since: 02-17-2009
Last visited: 03-22-2009
Timezone: -5.00 GMT
Location: Baltimore, MD
Occupation: SAHM
Interests: Midwifery, homebirth, normal birth, empowerment
(34 years old)
Total Posts: 2
Post Rank: 128
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About Rebekah Costello

I've been in love with birth since I was about 6yrs old. My mother says I was younger even than that but it's from around 6yrs that I remember. My hope is to become a direct entry midwife some time after my little one's are not completely dependent upon me. In the meantime I love to learn, read, study, breath birth, lol. I also have occasionally served friends as a Doula and am pretty much always willing to do it, if there is a need. My husband teases me constantly about being a birth activist (It's true!) and I hope to someday be the kind of midwife that inspires women to believe in and trust themselves.

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