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VBAC birth story

Last post 04-15-2009 9:03 PM by claudiaToms. 1 replies.
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  • 04-15-2009 7:12 PM

    VBAC birth story

    I remember promising all the details way back on the old that he's going to be 3, I guess those details are WAAAY overdue!  So, here goes nothing....

    As some of you will remember, I started to get a bit nervous towards the end of the pregnancy.  I wanted to trust my body, but I also wanted to be sure he was safe and healthy.  I got all jittery and worried because I hadn't actually been through labor.  Sure, as a doula, I knew what was supposed to happen, but how was I going to be?  What if something went wrong?  Plus, we had a 1 1/2 hour ride to get to the hospital where our midwife was, and since I "seemed" to have dilated quickly with Matthew, with hardly any pain, we were worried about making it.  As it got closer, I wasn't as worried about those things as DH was, and I ended up being more nervous that they were going to c/s me because I was overdue than anything else.

    I went to the midwife's office on April 26th, a Wednesday.  Everything seemed fine, but becase I was overdue, she scheduled me for a NST on the latest day she possibly could, April 29th, my 7th day past due.  She said that, because of hospital policy, if I hadn't gone into labor by the next week, they would have to c/s me.  So the rest of the week I was a wreck. 

    On Friday, the 28th, my mother-in-law took Matthew because I still didn't have all the baby's stuff together, and the house was a mess (talk about procrastination, I've got it down to a science!)  I ended up staying up until 11 p.m.  Jay and I had been doing dishes, getting laundry together, and packing the hospital bag.  I went to bed, and Jay sat down to play a video game.  As usual, I brushed my teeth, went to the bathroom, then laid down to sleep. 

    Next thing I know, I felt something weird, sat up, then was wet.  My exact words at that point were, "oh sh**," because the clock said 12:01. I had only had an hour of sleep. I went out into the kitchen, and Jay looked up from the couch in the living room and said, "what's wrong, honey?"  I told him my water broke and he said, "no!  i haven't gotten sleep!  why?"  i think i said something rather unpleasant at him at this point, since I wasn't all too happy about not having sleep either, and I'm the one that has to do all the work!

    So, I called the hospital, I took my time getting ready, I had some oatmeal, he went to the other part of the house and told my mom and dad we were leaving, and we were off.

    I had really bad back labor and sitting in the car was rather unpleasant.  We were about 15 mintues from the hospital when I told Jay to pull over.  I  wish I had a picture of his face at that moment.  He thought I was going to have the baby right there, but I just needed to get back hurt so bad.  We got to the hospital at bout 2:30.

    Nothing much happened after we were checked in.  I slept for a while, but then I was up and in the shower around 5:30.  A family friend stopped by to be a doula (she had also doula'd for my best friend 6 days before.)  I was starting to get cranky, and the shower felt GREAT.

    At 8 they had to do an internal exam, and they said I was at 6.  Woo hoo.  Pain was making me a bit irate, as was the EFM.  At least I could have it in the water.  Another internal at 10 when they discover my cervix is WAAAAY back, and i'm not really a 6, I'm only about 3.  (This makes me think that I wasn't dilated at all with Matthew, they just couldn't find my cervix.)

    I got a bit bummed at this point, because they said that if I didn't start progressing they were going to do a c/s.  I even had the OB in talking to me.  Well, that scared my cervix into action, becasue they checked on me at 11:30 and I WAS a 6!!!!  Threat of c/s averted! 

    Next hurdle was that Gabey was down so far that the monitor wasn't picking up his heart beat.  So then they had to put the internal fetal monitor on him.  I wanted to bite everyone.  It took them 3 times to get it hooked onto his poor little head right, all the while I'm having back labor, laying on my back in the bed....aaaarrrrgggghhhh.   Once I could get up and walk again, life was better. 

    I remember at one point holding onto Jay's neck and hanging, saying, "I can't do it, I can't do it."  He looked at me and said, "yes you can, you're doing fine, you're so strong, i'm so proud of you"  and i cried.  In the back of my head, doula-me was saying, "your'e almost at the end!" and my primal brain was screaming that i couldn't do it and it needed to stop.

    This was when they lost Gabe's heartbeat again.  I told them he was fine, that I could feel him.  But they wanted a pediatrician in the room in case there was a problem.  So this tall guy that I've never seen before come into the room.  I don't remember doing it, but Jay and the nurse said that I growled at him and my contractions stopped.  So the midwife said, "Nope, wait outside" and things continued. 

    Here it gets fuzzy...I"m not sure when the midwife left, but I was with Pat (my doula), Jay, and 2 nurses.  It hurt so bad.  I was scared.  I hate to admit that, but I was scared and holding back.  It also felt like something was wrong.  I could feel him in there, and he wasn't moving down anymore.  It kept hurting more and more.  Then I felt this cracking sort of pop, and pain, but it felt good.  I was hurt, but with that pain came the realization that he didn't get hurt and he moved. I felt him move down and the relief of him moving, even through the pain, was overwhelming.

    Somehow I ended up on the birth stool, which felt soooo good!  For some reason, I was still scared.  I was still holding back.  I was afraid of tearing adn afraid to hurt him.  I remember hearing a woman scream, and then a baby cry, and a few seconds later one nurse finally got through to me that the baby had to come out.  No more holding back.  So as that's dawning on me, my body reacted, and next thing I know the nurse is yellng for the midwife to get in here now and my midwife comes running through the door, changing into new gloves, and gets to me just in time to catch Gabey's head.  She told me to stop pushing but I couldn' whole body had given one push, then a second that just kept going.  I thought I was going to turn inside out.  She caught him, and somehow we ended up back int he bed and Jay cut his cord.  He breastfed right away.  They dind't measure him until 5 hours later, but at that point he was 20" and 8'10".  I didn't tear a bit, but I had a "rug burn" from his hair.

    I worried the nurses and the midwife...I"m always pale, but I guess I looked REALLY pale.  I felt great, but they gave me pitocin anyways.  Better safe than sorry.  A funny thing that I remember was that they didn't tell me about the clots.  So I went pee, and I htought something was wrong.  They had forgotten to tell me aobut the clots becuae I already had a baby...not remembering about not so many clots from a c/s! 

    The hospital I went to is great!  They didn't even let me go home until he was nursing form both sides perfectly...he didn't like the left side.

    So all in all...even with the fetal monitors and back labor, it was great!

    lol, forgot to put in that he was born at 1:56 pm on april 29th, almost 14 hours from my water breaking.  according to those there, i was "pushing" or fighting them, for a bit over an hour.  it didn't seem like it.  i think from lack of sleep and labor i kept coming in and out of it...i don't remember fighting the contractions, but i'll,know better next time...i hope!

  • 04-15-2009 9:03 PM In reply to

    Re: VBAC birth story


    You did it just right.  Your body and your baby knew when to push and when to hold back.  It may or may not be the same next time.  Good job


    Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea. - Robert A Heinlein
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