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Nipples bleeding

Last post 12-12-2012 8:14 AM by Brlnbabies. 3 replies.
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  • 12-11-2012 2:09 PM

    Nipples bleeding

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    Re: Nipples bleeding




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  • 12-12-2012 2:46 AM In reply to

    Re: Nipples bleeding

    Whoops! I wrote up a description but it didn't post, sorry! I have a doula client whose 38 + 2 and she used to have her nipples pierced. She took the piercings out prior to becoming pregnant. She is concerned because they have been bleeding a little bit and blood is coming from the old piercing hole. She's worried that she won't be able to breastfeed. She said it was a little bit of blood. I haven't run into a momma with bleeding nipples before breastfeeding. Is there any reason for concern? Thanks!

  • 12-12-2012 8:14 AM In reply to

    Re: Nipples bleeding

    We usually don't see any problems with nipple piercings and of course, recommend that mamas take out the jewelry when they're nursing little ones.  Milk may leak out of the piercing when she's fully lactating but it's not usually a problem.  Bleeding from the site is common before healing from the piercing has happened so I wonder when she was pierced prior to getting pregnant. It takes 6-12 mos for a nipple piercing to fully heal. There was a UK study done which said that 38% of women who have nipple piercings have some type of complication afterward. Swellng, infection and bleeding were the most common.  There are some reported cases of scar tissue from the piercing blocking milk ducts and interfering with attachment and a 2009 Australian study which described 3 mamas who had milk duct obstruction which interfered with milk transfer and expression even though they were pumping frequently.  There is the option of using only one breast if that is the case.  The questions suggested to ask during pregnancy regarding nipple piercings are

    • Has she had any complications from the piercing other than this small amount of blood?
    • Are her nipples either numb or hypersensitive?
    • Is there any obvious scarring on the nipples and if so, where? (that would relate to milk production)

    Just thinking out loud, I'm wondering if this is a piercing which never fully healed and if the normal swelling of the breasts at late pregnancy isn't causing some inflammation which then causes her to bleed, hopefully in only very small amounts.  I'm assuming this is just a drop of blood and not constant, right?


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