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are you up for some easy activism ?

Last post 12-18-2012 3:45 AM by Elaine1983. 1 replies.
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  • 02-18-2009 12:17 PM

    are you up for some easy activism ?

    Dear all --

    I am Emma Kwasnica, tandem-nursing mother, currently pregnant with our third (what's the word for when you have *three* nurslings ? Tri-andem-nursing ? ;-) ).  I am an aspiring midwife, BF Counselor, Childbirth Educator, and I currently am fighting for 'informed choice' for all childbearing/-rearing women, at a grassroots level.  I am an avid reader/fan of MT, and am posting here today to let you know about a simple way of encouraging the re-normalisation of breastfeeding.

    Background :

    I am the Facebook user who had her entire account disabled over the breastfeeding photos controversy last month (fellow Lactivist Morgan Gallagher was one among many supporters to blog about my plight, here : .  They deleted everything I had ever posted on the social networking site, including all of my midwifery-related research (I run a lively discussion group on there, called 'Informed Choice : Birth & Beyond').  After 19 days, however, Facebook re-instated my account (though they did not acknowledge their wrong-doing, other than the reactivating of my account).  This we take as a small, but positive step on the road to Facebook realising the scope of their harmful policy, a policy which prevents more women from breastfeeding for longer periods of time (or breastfeeding at all), and which prevents babies from receiving more (or ANY...) of what they biologically expect to receive : human milk at their mother's breast.

    To this day, however, Facebook continues to randomly delete breastfeeding photos, and terminate member accounts; deplorably, breastfeeding photos are classified (arbitrarily) as a 'depiction of nudity' by the Facebook Terms of Service.  And so begins the second wave of our on-line protest (I am an administrator for the 'virtual' event, to be held on Saturday, February 21st), which this time around also includes a second component : a letter-writing campaign.  All relevant info, including how to participate simply by changing your profile picture and status line for one day, can be found here :

    Here is an explanation of our group philosophy, to clarify exactly what our position is on the matter :

    *Women post breastfeeding photos because they want to demonstrate or celebrate breastfeeding, just as they do other aspects of their lives.

    *Women post breastfeeding photos because breastfeeding is a normal part of their day and what they do as mothers.

    *Women post breastfeeding photos because others want to see their children doing things that are healthy and important, such as eating. Breastfeeding has well-known unsurpassable benefits for the health of children and mothers in nutrition, disease prevention, and emotional bonding.

    *Breastfeeding is not inherently a private or intimate activity. Almost all American states have passed laws promoting breastfeeding and allowing it in public in the manner a woman chooses.

    *Facebook's deletion of many breastfeeding photos goes against the main biological purpose of women's breasts and how they function. Its posting of ads in which scantily clad women use sex to sell things makes it even
    harder for women to counter the harmful public prejudice against breastfeeding.

    *Facebook's deletion of many breastfeeding photos stigmatizes breastfeeding. Its description of some ways of doing it as obscene is wrong and demeans and insults women.

    *Because of the quantity of breastfeeding photos on Facebook, its deletion of some implies telling women how not to breastfeed. Because of Facebook's scope and error, that is harmful to the public good.

    *Women with large areolas cannot latch a child on without exposing some skin which Facebook has arbitrarily deemed bad to show. Regardless of physique, latching on and off are necessary parts of the breastfeeding process.

    *Women breastfeeding, with or without much breast exposure, are not nude.

    *Women breastfeeding, with or without much breast exposure, are not obscene.

    *Women breastfeeding, with or without much breast exposure, are not pornographic.

    *Women breastfeeding, with or without much breast exposure, are not performing a sexual act. Their breasts and parts of them are not classified as sex organs. Their breasts are mammary glands which lactate for the optimal survival of humans.

    *Women breastfeeding, with or without much breast exposure, do not harm children. What harms children is their not seeing how breasts are used for feeding children.

    * Include the request that Facebook leave all breastfeeding pictures in place, that is the most important point in this campaign.

    If you believe you can help to make a difference, I thank for your time and consideration in participating.  We are not prepared to back down until Facebook does what *IS* right, and changes their harmful, stigmatising and discriminatory policy. We continue the fight, because with over 150 million active users, Facebook has the potential to make an enormous positive contribution to the promotion and normalisation of breastfeeding.  And because when *we* win, **BABIES THE WORLD OVER**, win !

    Yours sincerely,
    -Emma Kwasnica, in Montréal

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    • Elaine1983
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    Re: are you up for some easy activism ?

    I have yet to give birth, but once I do I will gladly participate on your behalf!

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