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Buffing up on suturing skills

Last post 10-10-2012 7:02 AM by Aubre. 3 replies.
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  • 08-31-2012 10:12 PM

    Buffing up on suturing skills

    I want to improve my ability to suture.  What resources have worked best for you, either at a distance classes,  books or dvds?  I'm open to suggestions please!  Thanks!

  • 09-01-2012 9:52 AM In reply to

    • midwifea
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    Re: Buffing up on suturing skills

    Hi withmamas,

    sometimes I go a long time between suturing so if I feel the need to brush up I'll use Anne Fryes resource Healing Passage and some chicken or a placenta and out of date sutures  my pelvic model and go to town.  I do some sewing too so sometimes I'll just pull out a curved needle and some fabric and imagine a tear and mimic a repair.  Nothing comes close to the real deal, confined space, lighting adjustment, sweat dripping on your forehead, but it's good to review.  There are a lot more videos on you tube now as well. it helps just to watch them.


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  • 09-01-2012 10:41 PM In reply to

    Re: Buffing up on suturing skills

    Thanks Midwifea!  Yes, I plan to get out the chicken and go to town with practice.  The youtube videos are a great idea.  I'll have to check those out.  In the end you are right, nothing beats doing it in the real, when you are tired and have poor lighting.  Thank you for your input.


  • 10-10-2012 7:02 AM In reply to

    • Aubre
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    Re: Buffing up on suturing skills

    In regards to the poor lighting.....headlamps are great! Smile

    Aubre Tompkins, CNM
    Wishing you Shade and Sweetwater
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