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Think i had a miscarriage but did not know i was pregnant.

Last post 04-19-2014 8:09 AM by Amber. 3 replies.
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  • 04-20-2012 2:43 AM

    Think i had a miscarriage but did not know i was pregnant.

    Hi Ladies


    I need urgent advise, about 6 weeks ago i had all the symptoms that shows to a miscarriage but had no idea those were the symptoms.I got my period for about 5 days i was bleeding heavily thought it was normal as i did not get my period for a couple of months. day 3 i started getting this cramps felt like labor pains as i have a 2 year old i knew what the feeling like that. day 4 i startted passing big clots of blood but did not think anything of it, i know that should not have been my reaction to it, i did not take note i did not think i was pregnant as i just got my period back a month before that. i did not go see a doctor about this its been 6 weeks would the doctor be able to tell me if i had a miscarriage or not after so long. Please ladies i really need advise, i did not get my period after that again pregnancy test shows negative please advise according.Sad in need of real advise will my doctor be able to detect i had a miscarriage after 6 weeks

  • 04-20-2012 9:21 AM In reply to

    • midwifea
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    Re: Think i had a miscarriage but did not know i was pregnant.

    Miss Kennedy,

    I am not sure if there's any way to tell now six weeks past with negative pregnancy tests.  Your hormone levels immediately after the bleeding may have indicated a miscarriage but by now all should have returned to normal.  May I ask, why the urgency to know now?   If it was an early miscarriage it sounds as if it all went as it should.   To not have had a period again in 6 weeks could be normal as well.  When you say you just got your period back a month before this you mean from your post partum, correct?  Are you concerned that there is a problem?  Any symptoms?


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  • 05-10-2012 9:06 AM In reply to

    Re: Think i had a miscarriage but did not know i was pregnant.

    What are you most worried about?

    Maybe we can help with that, i don't think it would be possible to say one way or another if it was a definite loss or a weird period.  Did you have any pregnancy symptoms before the episode of bleeding?  Perhaps ones you previously ignored but with hindsight can see?  In my experience my pregnancy hormones were often very low BEFORE i even began the bleeding of a loss, so i do think it's very unlikely at this stage that a blood test would help, though if you want to have one anyway and can do so then why not?  If it helps it helps.

    I have had 4 losses and your experience sounds familiar to me.  THat is obviously NOT definitive.  It does sound as if your body has completed whichever process it was (loss or menstruation) itself, safely.  This is good news.  A longer cycle while your hormones settle down is normal, and so is an increase in breastfeeding from a toddler a normal response to the changes in milk flow which occur during the pregnancy.  So you could just be waiting to ovulate having been disrupted by both the loss and the increase in prolactin (if your LO has been nursing more lately).  Or this cycle-weirdness could just be the randomness of the return to menstruation (my first few cycles were 56 days long and HEAVY after DD2) after breastfeeding.

    Try not to worry.  Strength to you.

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  • 04-19-2014 8:09 AM In reply to

    • Amber
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    Re: Think i had a miscarriage but did not know i was pregnant.

    Hey ladies,

    i had a miss period last month then got my period early this month and I'm now bleeding. I don't know if I'm having a mischarage or not. Me and my boyfriend are alittle bit worried and I haven't seen a doctor at this point? What do I do?

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