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Apprenticeship in birthing center or homebirth...How to choose?

Last post 01-26-2012 7:49 AM by tera. 0 replies.
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  • 01-26-2012 7:49 AM

    • tera
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    Apprenticeship in birthing center or homebirth...How to choose?

    So, I've been offered the opportunity and decided to take it studying abroad at a high volume birthing center for most of my sign-offs for my CPM. My goal is to get as much experience in as many different birthing situations as possible at the same time completing the sign-off NARM requirements. Even if I complete all of my requirements and am able to send in my paperwork to NARM and receive certification and licensure for my state (CO), I don't intend to work completely solo for a bit - hopefully with an experienced midwife willing to back me up and/or serve as my supervisor until I'm 100% comfortable. However, what I seem to hear a lot of is comment that if I have my CPM and LM, an experience midwife would be more-so inclined to either not work with me at all, or, if so, only under the condition that I basically start all over again and on her terms decide whether or not I can act as primary on any prenatal/birth.

    I guess what I'm trying to figure out is a world of hypotheticals, if I go to the birthing center, get my experience, get my certification and feel confident about my abilities to practice independently, is it completely out of the scope of normalicy to do so or is it really true as some have said, (although others challenge) that if most of your experience is in a high volume birthing center, you don't have a clue about working in a homebirth environment?

    Decisions, decisions....

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