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Am I networking wrong?

Last post 01-16-2012 9:03 PM by aspiringbabycatcher. 2 replies.
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  • 01-12-2012 3:40 PM

    Am I networking wrong?

    HI everyone!

     My name is Jenny, and like most of us here , I have long wanted to pursue midwifery. I started thinking about with when I was 17, but didn't it was age appropiate for me at the time. Now I am 28, have had 2 homebirths, I have doula training, been to births... etc.......


      My my husband/ families support, I have been researching paths to becoming a CPM..... I live near a school, but feel with my style and personality I might be better suited for self study. I have been trying to get into touch with local midwives/ doulas and other birth professionals to try to get to know them, ask questions, just find out more to help me decide which program to go with, what skills I should have under my belt to be attractive for an apprenticeship.


     I have got ZERO replies. I know these are busy women... It just seems like out of the maybe 15 practices that maybe someone would have been willing to sit down for a cup of coffee with me and maybe just talk for a bit.... Is that wrong of me to expect?

      I wouldn't say I'm angry or discouraged really, more at a loss at what to do next....

    Anyone else have this problem???? Maye someone might have some advice for me?

    Thank you for reading this and have a great day!


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    Re: Am I networking wrong?

    Hi Jenny-
    I'm having a similar problem.  I'm hoping to begin an apprenticeship within a year, but I also want to relocate before I start.  This makes it difficult because the only means I have of communicating with potential preceptors is via email or forums like this.  I've only received replies from one person I've contacted--and it was a distance-learning program, which I'm not sure is the route I wish to take.

    I understand that we'll likely need some kind of experience/background knowledge, although it's hard to know where to start or how much is "enough" to be qualified for an apprenticeship.  I've been reading all kinds of books on pregnancy, home birth, and the like.  I guess I'd just like someone to flat-out tell me whether or not I should spend money [which I'm fairly short on, as it is] on childbirth education classes or distance-learning programs before I'd be a good candidate for an apprenticeship these days.

    * I feel it's important to note that I know I'm already a  "good candidate," but for people who have never met me, the fact that I've not been officially trained or taught might seem a disadvantage.  From my subjective point of view though, I am a hub of pure potential.  I want to learn the art of midwifery more than I've wanted anything in my life--and I'm an Aries.  Passion and drive are as much a part of me as my limbs.  But I recognize that this [to some] is of lesser value than already having some training completed.  Also the fact that I'm young [21] and have never even attended a birth doesn't look the best on an email.

    I personally feel that self-teaching [via vast book sources, web browsing, watching documentaries on birth, and long talks with people who have experienced all sorts of pregnancy/births] is the way I learn the fundamental information best.  I've been keeping a list of the books I've studied, and just like you I'm not sure what step to take next.

    Sorry for the length, but it is slightly discouraging to have no leads to go on for months [over a year for me] at a time.  I wish you all the luck on your journey---hopefully something perfect comes along for all of us in similar situations!

    -May Your Path Be Blissful and Prosperous-
  • 01-16-2012 9:03 PM In reply to

    Re: Am I networking wrong?

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