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Looking for reviews on schools...

Last post 12-06-2011 1:47 PM by kesti2. 0 replies.
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  • 12-06-2011 1:47 PM

    • kesti2
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    Looking for reviews on schools...

    Hello everyone!


    I'm wondering if anybody has anything positive or negaitive to say about the Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery?  I have a good feeling about it, and I like that it's in my region, so if I ever had to travel for something I could actually make it without having to pay for a plane ticket...but I can't find a whole lot of info on the web from those who are attending or have in the past?  What do they like about it or what have you heard?


    I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about AAMI, and I'm not sure what other programs are affordable, dont' require travel, and still provide a good structure to self-directed education. 


    I'd appreciate any thoughts!

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