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Any Advice?

Last post 04-23-2011 5:51 AM by Brlnbabies. 1 replies.
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  • 04-22-2011 1:06 PM

    • Joy
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    Any Advice?


    I am a new Doula. I have three clients lined up for me who have agreed to let me Doula for them. I have been present at two births, but have yet to be the head Doula at one. Well as I said I have some friends who are going to be my first clients. I am very nerviouse that I am going to be too much for the mothers comfort. That I will be too energetic when the mood should be calm, that I will be hanging back when I should be more on top of things. I am basically terrified that I am going to do everything worng! That I will get so caught up with one thing I will forget to pay attention to the other stuff.

    Did any of you other doulas have that feeling at your first birth? Did any of you follow a doula around for a while to get the feel of how she did things before starting up your own buiness?  How long did it take for that feeling to pass? Do any of you have a agreement forms between yoiu and your client? Do yoiu insist upon being payed up front? Do you have any adivce for a new doula? Things that just jump out at you as something you would want to tell every new doula before she starts her own journey. Thank you for reading this,                                                  Joy






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  • 04-23-2011 5:51 AM In reply to

    Re: Any Advice?

    First, let's change some vocabulary.  You will be a doula and not a "head doula" which implies that there's some kind of hierarchy and there isn't.  You will simply be these women's doula and if you follow your heart and their cues, you will be fine.  As a doula, the best tools you have are your heart and your hands ... ok, let's also add a bit of common sense. Wink

    I did not follow a doula around but then I began doing this before we were called doulas.  It was the 60s, I was in high school and it was, "Why don't you call her? She helps women in labor."   If your intentions are right, if your heart is right, how can you go wrong?  You give comfort, you wipe brows and sometimes you wipe lady parts or bum parts or hold a puke bucket.  You give water, you rub backs, you run tubs, you dry ladies off after the tub, you go get towels and more towels and more towels and more ... well, you get the picture.  You just do.  Stand back and see what sweet moments she can have with her partner.  Take pictures of those moments.  If the partner is hanging back, do more.  If the partner seems to be able to handle al the physical stuff, you hang in the background and hold the space for them--adjust the lighting, run the bath, get those towels, take pictures, try to be one step ahead of what the both of them need.

    I do have a contract and I don't insist on being paid upfront, but I do ask for a deposit which covers my prental time with them.  I ask for the balance by the 38th wk but some people need a payment plan and make payments until well after the birth.

    Take your cue for your energy from the motherbaby and you should be totally fine.




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