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Last post 03-04-2009 11:46 AM by Brlnbabies. 2 replies.
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  • 03-04-2009 7:03 AM


     Seeing as how I am 42 now, I am interested in learning more about perimenopause.  I have been waking up hot and sweaty at night, my "odor" is changing (and I don't like it!), my period just started after only 17 days.... Luckily my moods are good.  I think exercise is helping that.  Anyway, some things online tell me that I need to get to the dr. asap for the short cycle, other things say it is normal.  What information is correct?  I would rather not run to the doc if it is normal!  Also, I am very much a natural gal and would rather not be prescribed some pregnant mare urine - thank you very much!

    So, does anyone have any words of wisdom?  Or now of a good book that can help me naturally?


    Vicki - wife to Chris, mom to eleven, doula and midwifery student.
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  • 03-04-2009 8:07 AM In reply to

    Re: Perimenopause

    Ah, welcome to the world of perimenpause! I have found that acupuncture and the herb Vitex is very helpful. Your cycles CAN vary a lot.

  • 03-04-2009 11:46 AM In reply to

    Re: Perimenopause

    What I actually thought were perimenopausal signs was actually my thyroid sputtering.  Although I did eventually get some perimenopausal "stuff", I was very surprised to find out that my thyorid was causing the majority of my problems.  Perhaps seeing a midwife rather than a doctor would be more helpful to you.


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