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Apprenticeships path to Licensure in CA? Attending Midwifery training in different state than your Licensure?

Last post 01-11-2013 12:18 AM by MoreLoveDoula. 0 replies.
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  • 01-11-2013 12:18 AM

    Apprenticeships path to Licensure in CA? Attending Midwifery training in different state than your Licensure?

    Hi all, my name is Tati Marie. Big Smile I'm a Doula in Los Angeles, CA. I've been feeling the strong call into the Midwifery path & have started exploring avenues of training, etc. I found two schools I'm very interested in.

    One is The Matrona in Ashville, NC. I've been reading about midwives who attended this school & then went on to apprentice & get there CPM Licensure through other states. This seems like a great option as the school is a 6 month intensive & about $5,000.00 & then you do an clinical apprenticeship on your own, some have went to Birthcenters, etc.

    The other school I found is Nizhoni School of Midwifery in San Diego. Which is a 36 month program & at the end your placed with a preceptor to get your needed births for Licensure. The program is about $40,000.00 and will take 3 years to complete, but they give you up to 6.

    If anyone has any experience with either school I'd love to hear about it. The Matrona seems great as it is a shorter program & a very Spiritual based midwifery school which sounds amazing.  So I'm very drawn to it.

    *But I'm wondering can you attend the school in NC & then do your apprenticeship in CA & get licensed there or how does that work?

    *On SoCalBirth.Com they say that California does not allow for apprenticeship. But alot of Midwives that practice in CA say they have done apprenticeships. So I'm confused? How can this be true if so many Midwives have used Apprenticeships to get Licensure in CA?

    *I was also wondering if I attend School in NC do you think it will it be hard to Apprentice in CA?

    "All student midwives in California must be currently enrolled in a California Medical Board approved school with a school-approved preceptor, who is a Licensed Midwife in the state of California. Once the clinical training portion of the student’s education has begun, the student must be under the supervision of the LM Instructor".

    Any advice or information would be very helpful.Thanks so much!! Love this site!

    My email is Broken Heart

    More Love Doula
    There's always room for more love!
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