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***28 Day International Midwifery Training **Peru, Nov. 1st 2012** (includes clinical experience)***

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  • 10-07-2012 1:25 AM

    ***28 Day International Midwifery Training **Peru, Nov. 1st 2012** (includes clinical experience)***


    28 Day Training for Midwives and Doulas of all experience levels. 
    November 1st-November 29th, 2012
    Featuring classes from

       Master Midwife and Herbalist Leonie Lange. 

       Elder South African Midwife, Robyn Sheldon

       Peruvian Health Minister, and verticle birth advocate, Dr. Victor Del Caprio

       Ayurvedic practioner Emily Shaw

    Leonie Valeska Lange is a practicing Midwife and herbalist since 1985. Along with attending over 1,000 births (with no maternal mortality), Leonie has contributed tirelessly to the native community in Peru in countless ways. Leonie has hosted and taught at classes for ending domestic violence, fertility awareness, proper

     nutrition and care for children, as well as many other topics related to promoting healthy family life in the rural areas of Peru. Leonie has been living in Peru for 27 years, full time, and is completely integrated into the native Quechua communities surrounding the area of Cusco, Peru. She has selflessly used her influence here in Peru to do everything from attending hundreds of Quechua women’s births free of charge to assisting in opening the first medical natural birth center in the Andes. Leonie has created a well established Eco Center for the purpose natural birthing and healing terminal illnesses with plants. Her center is named Las Chullpas, and is nestled just below a spot of ancient ruins in the Urubamba, Peru. This training includes lodging at Las Chullpas. 

    This training offers a full spectrum of classes during the days, clinical experience in a rural Peruvian hospital during evening and nights, lodging, and a brief tour of the Cusco, Peru area.

    The curriculum for this training includes, but is not limited to:

    -History of natural birth practices glob and in Peru
    -Holistic herbal medicine including plants from North and South America. Plant identification, uses, and preparation (blends, baths, tinctures, poultices, salves, teas)
    -Basic homeopathy
    -Fertility awareness and counseling for families. Natural birth control methods.
    -Diagnostic techniques including vital signs, palm lines, Iridology, tongue, bones lines, as well as intuitive reading.
    -Basic well woman care: cervix checks, breast checks, menstruation, menopause.
    -Nutrition and preventative medicine during pregnancy.
    -Basic care during labor. This includes an array of holistic tools from native herbal bath recipes to the ''medical model''
    -Emergency care during pregnancy, labor, postpartum.
    -Basic Newborn care and newborn exam.
    -Emergency care for newborn.
    -Postpartum care for Mom: caring for tears, nutrition, native Peruvian uterine massage, counseling.
    -The placenta: Diagnostic tools, care of the Placenta, Rituals concerning the placenta.
    -Basic medical Spanish.

    Dr. Victor Del Caprio, the Health Minister of the province of Urubamba, Peru, has graciously opened the doors of the local clinic in Urubamba, Peru to us. Dr. Victor is a major advocate of vertical birth, and was largely responsible for passing a national law in 2005 to protect the laboring woman's right to give birth in any position she wants regardless of the location.

    All of the participants of this training have the opportunity to participate in as many clinical births as they would like throughout the 28 day training. Your level of participation during the births depends upon your own comfort zone. 

    ***Cost of this training is 1,900 $ per person, and includes:

    -All classes and Clinic hours
    -Lodging for the 28 days at Las Chullpas Eco Lodge
    -2 day tour of the Sacred Valley and Cusco, Peru
    -Medicine Making Supplies and Books
    -Donation to the local hospital in Urubamba (for new medical supplies)
    -Donation to a fund providing native Quechua women with free natural births
              ***Certificates will be provided at the end of this training.***          
                                                                                                ((( To Register please contact Brittany Jade: )))

    ((( Love and Water, Water and Love )))
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