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Jobs while apprenticing?

Last post 12-13-2011 7:57 PM by aspiringbabycatcher. 3 replies.
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  • 12-11-2011 11:14 AM

    Jobs while apprenticing?

    Hi community!

    Currently I am apprenticing to become a birth doula, and will hopefully be apprenticing as a midwife soon on down the road. Currently I am looking for jobs to make some money while still being on call for births. It's a little frustrating and scary to try to find something that could be quite flexible, but I know there's something out there!!! I would love some guidance from others who are going through the same thing, what are you recommendations? What do you do for money? Thanks!



  • 12-12-2011 10:01 PM In reply to

    Re: Jobs while apprenticing?

     Ughh...I just typed out this really long answer for you, with a list of ideas and then the computer went crazy and didnt post it!!! I dont have time to rewrite it now (I NEED sleep desperately!!) but just wanted to let you know that someone did see your question and I PROMISE to answer you soon! So please check back!!!!

    Oh! Where are you from??


  • 12-13-2011 1:25 PM In reply to

    Re: Jobs while apprenticing?

    Yay Thanks so much for trying to get back to me! I would so appreciate ANY ideas or inspiration! I live in Boulder, Colorado right now. Thank you thank you!!!!! I look forward to hearing from you.

  • 12-13-2011 7:57 PM In reply to

    Re: Jobs while apprenticing?


    Okay...lets see if I can "re-create" what I wrote last night!

    First of all, I understand your situation perfectly! I was trying to figure out the same answer until this summer, where I finally found the perfect job to have while apprenticeing. To share what I do now: I work as a nanny for a previous midwifery client. It is a fabulous set up. I send her my prenatal schedule ahead of time, so she knows what I have coming up. Then I just clock out when I need to leave. (Same for births) Now I know that my situation is a very rare find, and that you may not find something similar-but thought I'd share anyways.

    Since the main issue is having flexibility, I will try to focus on things that pertain to that. (and these are things that I had to do)

    1.Clean houses- I know this is not glamourous, but every bit helps. You could check with some older women, or overworked moms who may want you to clean for them weekly, biweekly, monthly or whatever. You could explain about you being "on call" for births, and let them know you would need to leave when called. Since it is just a house cleaning job, most people wont mind you having to reschedule.              

    2. Get CRAFTY!- could you sew or create something and sell it? One year I made aprons, and another I sewed "rice heating packs". I was able to fund an entire conference with my earnings! If you can bake, maybe offer to help bake for someones party or sell your creations.                                                                   

    3. Lawn mowing- while I definetly did not prefer to do this, I was willing to do whatever it took. People typically are okay if you need to reschedule this also. (at least where I am from)

    4. Babysit- you just have to get creative with this one. I know many moms who would love for someone to just come over and take care of the kids while she checked email, cooked dinner, cleaned, etc etc. (Then if you need to leave for a birth she is still there)

    5. Join SWAGBUCKS online. - This is a FREE membership, which awards you "bucks" for just using their website to do all your internet browsing. You can then redeem your bucks for various things. I plan on redeeming mine for an Amazon gift card so that I can buy more midwifery books. (Go check out the site, and decide for yourself)

    6.  Clip Coupons- You wouldn’t believe how much you could save by just using coupons! Also, has printable coupons for tons of things- and when you use them, you receive SWAGBUCKS! Thus adding to your total for an amazon giftcard!!

    And my last piece of advice: write yourself a BUDGET! I sat down and totaled my expenses for 1 month, and was APPALLED at what I was spending! And how all those little purchases add up! So I did some research and learned about making a simple budget. I then made an excel sheet, so that I could keep track of where my money was supposed to go before I blew it all. (I would be willing to share that ExcelSheet with anyone who is interested in making one for theirself.) It’s kind of like the “envelope” system. (I am going to assume you’ve heard that term before and so I wont go through a lengthy explanation. If you don’t know, then I would be GLAD to explain!!) Basically, if I need something “Personal”, I check whats in the “Personal Expenses Envelope” and if I don’t have enough--- I DON’T BUY IT!! I just have to wait until I have built enough up for the purchase…

    Well, that’s all I can come up with for now- but hopefully something I’ve said will spur an idea for you! Let me know if you have any other questions—I would LOVE to help! You may also be interested in joining the MANASTUDENTSANDNEWMIDWIVES Yahoo! Email group… there are lots of great students on there!! (Although I don’t mind seeing some action on these forums as well!!)

    Sorry for being so longwinded! Blessings!



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