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Choices to become a midwife

Last post 08-25-2011 6:01 AM by Brlnbabies. 1 replies.
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  • 08-24-2011 12:01 PM

    • Grace
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    Choices to become a midwife

    My name is Grace. As of now i have only two more semesters until i finish my AA. My thoughts at first were to go to Trinity College of Natural Health and get a Masters in Herbology after my AA. But after further thinking i didn't know  what i would do after i got it. Then i remembered a few of my friends talking about midwives. At first it was just an answer to an unanswered as i have looked into it more, it looks more and more like something i would enjoy and want to do.

    My only problem is that now i am looking to see what to do once i am done with my AA, i have no idea what direction to take. I will still get my masters in herbology, but once im done there...which direction do i take. I have heard that midwives have to become a nurse before they can go to school for midwivery. But i have looked at some of the midwivery colleges and some say you have to have a nursing degree and some say you don't. I know i will need some of the skills but do i really need to have ALL of the schooling and get the degree before i can even look at midwivery colleges?? Or can i just take the classes i need and move on??

    Thanks, Grace

  • 08-25-2011 6:01 AM In reply to

    Re: Choices to become a midwife

    Hi, Grace, and welcome!  You may want to try a search of the archives as this is a very popular subject and you may find your answers in previous posts or active ones in here.  Also, try hitting the "main site" button above and going over to the book store where you will find a wonderful little gem to order and have sent to you, Paths to Becoming a Midwife.  I'd also suggest purchasing a subscription to Midwifery Today journal and signing up for the e-newsletter. Yes


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