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Dear Pres. Obama---want to save millions in obstetrics?

Last post 02-17-2009 5:19 PM by Doula Mary. 8 replies.
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  • 02-11-2009 5:55 PM

    Dear Pres. Obama---want to save millions in obstetrics?


    Ways to save millions of tax dollars in obstetrics

    Seeing that there is a world wide quest for governments to save money right now, I am putting my mind to ways that I would cut waste if I were in charge of the medical budget.

    I invite you to add to this list.  Just as the Wall Street tycoons are raiding the piggy bank with their inside deals, the obstetrics community wastes the medical budget with practices that are not only medically expensive but also harmful to the health of the population.

    1. Take circumcision off the U.S. Medicaid funding.  California cut circumcision off Medicaid in 1982 and has not only saved millions of medical dollars but also contributed to the health and well being of boys.  11 other states followed suit.  What is taking the other states so long to come into the modern age?  It’s time to stop this barbaric torture of unconsenting minors.

    2. End eye ointment treatment of newborns.  Britain and Australia do not put antibiotics in the eyes of newborns who don’t need it.  If a baby gets an infection, they treat it.  Who makes all the money from this unnecessary tribal rite?  Curious minds want to know.  When nurses, midwives and doctors continue these practises they line the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies at the detriment of babies.

    3. End frivolous induction of the birth process.  Oh, the poor doctors have to do it because women want it.  Boo f____g Hoo!  Since when do doctors do what the patients want?  This is a crime against humanity.  Inductions and cesarean sections go hand in hand.  Every physician in America needs to get a letter from Obama himself about this one.  They need to read their own textbooks which say that a normal length of pregnancy can be anywhere from 38 to 42 weeks and stop inducing women before 42 weeks.  Now.  This will save millions in reducing the cesarean rate, reducing the nursing staff requirements, and reducing the number of premature babies needing special care.

    4. Spend money on taking excellent care of the women who do have cesareans.  Make sure that they have intensive care in hospital or at home to get started *** feeding and healing their uterus.  Cutting women open and then expecting them to go home and cope is costing millions in return stays in hospital and post partum depression.  We have to take care of the mothers so they can care for the children.  Investing money in this area will save medical dollars in the end.

    This is just a beginning list.  What a beginning it would be if just these 4 things were implemented. 

    Gloria Lemay, Vancouver BC

  • 02-12-2009 8:37 AM In reply to

    Re: Dear Pres. Obama---want to save millions in obstetrics?

    Great Gloria, I completely agree. 


    How about we switch to a midwife care model and reserve Dr's for surgery or emergencies???

  • 02-12-2009 12:20 PM In reply to

    Re: Dear Pres. Obama---want to save millions in obstetrics?

    I'm a bit wary of "midwifery model of care" these days because it can mean midwives getting absorbed by the medical system and practising exactly the same way as the drs.  I would like to see registered midwives in my province (BC, Canada) doing my four suggestions above.  Unfortunately, many of them just say "Oh, it's your choice." when parents want to know about keeping their son intact.  Even though they have the medical evidence that inductions are dangerous, they still "offer" induction at 41 weeks. . . why do they "offer" something that is dangerous?  Erythromicin eye ointment and Vit K are pushed unless the parents emphatically decline.  So, when looking at ways to save $$$$, I think we have to be very specific and make it an across the board "standard of care" or it won't make a difference.
  • 02-12-2009 1:27 PM In reply to

    Re: Dear Pres. Obama---want to save millions in obstetrics?

    Great points, thanks for the perspective and wisdom.




  • 02-12-2009 8:23 PM In reply to

    • midwifea
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    Re: Dear Pres. Obama---want to save millions in obstetrics?

    Hi Gloria and Mary,

    I am still figuring this new site out but I am so excited to be back. 

    It would be fantastic if only these four things could be implemented but there could be so many more that would improve health care and effectively cut costs.

    How about adding that all women be given the right to and encouraged to pursue VBAC.  This is not an option in my medical community and it costs our community so much financially, emotionally, physically.


    "The Voice

    There is a voice inside of you
    That whispers all day long,
    "I feel this is right for me,
    I know that this is wrong."
    No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
    Or wise man can decide
    What's right for you--just listen to
    The voice that speaks inside."
    — Shel Silverstein
  • 02-13-2009 7:43 AM In reply to

    Re: Dear Pres. Obama---want to save millions in obstetrics?

    Yes, and lets try to avoid unneeded surgical births in the first place. 

  • 02-14-2009 4:04 PM In reply to

    Re: Dear Pres. Obama---want to save millions in obstetrics?

     Thank you for posting this!

  • 02-14-2009 4:13 PM In reply to

    • ZoeysMom
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    Yes [Y] Re: Dear Pres. Obama---want to save millions in obstetrics?

    How about making it legal to homebirth in ALL states with a qualified professional in attendance?  (In our community you can have your baby at home, but a "licensed" professional cannot be present)  That would definitely help keep costs down for those who have medically uncomplicated pregnancies/histories.

    I've heard wonderful things about you Gloria, keep up the good work Wink!

  • 02-17-2009 5:19 PM In reply to

    Re: Dear Pres. Obama---want to save millions in obstetrics?

    YES!!! PLEASE!



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