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How about an introductions thread?

Last post 08-12-2009 8:13 PM by christea. 38 replies.
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  • 03-21-2009 5:22 AM In reply to

    • RobsGirl
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    • Joined on 02-04-2009
    • Mid-Hudson Valley, NY
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    Re: How about an introductions thread?

    Hi Cindy!  Welcome!  Glad to have you here.

    RobsGirl, 31
    Wife of one fabulous guy (34)
    Mommy of 3 awesome boys, ages 11, 8, and 4, and a precious 2 year old daughter.

  • 03-21-2009 6:35 AM In reply to

    • maryskey
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    • Maine
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    Re: How about an introductions thread?

    Glad to have the forum back up and running! I am Karen, married to Paul for 15 yrs. We have 12 children together (so far) and I have one from a previous marriage.  We live in Maine but have been trying to sell our house for two yrs. We want to move to the rural Topeka, KS area.

    ~Karen in Kansas
    married to Paul
    Mother of 13: Josh (19), Brittany (14), Sarah (13), Katie (12), Lauren (11), Christopher (10), Julia (9), Veronica (8), Emily (7), Mia (5), Alexandra (4), Gabriel (2), Ysabel (1), and new wombie due 4/7/10!
  • 03-21-2009 2:30 PM In reply to

    Re: How about an introductions thread?

    Hi, I'm Juliet, mum to Oliver and live in Brighton UK.

    I was a therapist for a number of years and then became pregnant and decided to give birth using HypnoBirthing, I then became a practitioner.  I have since stopped being a practitioner and have jumped ship to go it alone.  I created the downloadable programme "The Psychology of Giving Birth" which is based on modeling what behaviours, environments etc contribute to achieving great births.  It incorporates NLP, Hypnotherapy, Visualisations, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and a Human Givens approach.  It is aimed at both mums and birth companions and an affiliate programme for care providers will be launched in June 2009.  I also offer free support and downloads for special circumstances/complications.

    Look forward to learning from everyone here and helping wherever I can.

    Take care all,


  • 04-22-2009 6:54 PM In reply to

    Re: How about an introductions thread?

    My name is Kim. I live in Gainesville, GA and I have 2 girls. One is 3 and one is 5 months.

    I am training with Birth Arts International and working towards certification.

    It's a little slow going getting clients, but I know this is my calling, so I just need to be patient.


    I'm so glad to be here!

    Kim Stewart
    Birth Arts International
  • 06-26-2009 6:22 PM In reply to

    Re: How about an introductions thread?

    I'm Helena, wumanh before (I think). I am a homebirth midwife and doula trainer for Birth Arts International. Besides attending births at home, I offer women birthing in hospital doula/midwifery service (probably monitrice might be the better term). This is seeming to be a popular choice.

    I teach childbirth classes and run a midwifery study group. If I had a busier practice, I would take on more apprentices. I live in rural VT.

    I have 3 grown up kids (1 born at home) and 1 grandson.

    I am also an herbalist and teach, do consults and medicine gardening. I am getting more into flower essences and energy healing.

    I'm involved with promoting sustainable living skills and feel we all need to nurture our connection with Nature and Spirit to be centered and know what to do.

    I am willing to travel to teach.



  • 07-09-2009 1:11 PM In reply to

    • TracyM
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    • Joined on 07-09-2009
    • Southeast Texas
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    Re: How about an introductions thread?

    I am Tracy, mom of 4.  I was under the user name Myztri I think, before, which is always my user name, but for some reason I feel the need to distance myself from it on more professional boards as of late.

    Like I said, I am a mom of 4, 3 of which have special needs.  The oldest was born in a military hospital and the other 3 were born at home, one of which was unassisted.

    I am a doula and childbirth educator certified through Childbirth International.

    I have been doing this since 2001, and was certified in 2007 and 2008 (doula and CBE).  I live in southeast Texas, which, as far as this job goes, is a craptastic place to live lol.  Geeked

    Tracy Musgrove
    CD(CBI), Dip CBEd(CBI)
    Port Neches, TX
  • 07-10-2009 11:00 AM In reply to

    Re: How about an introductions thread?

        Hi again to everyone! Nice to have this site back! I'm Marlene, still go by marlenecpm. Mom of 7 grown kids, 5 born at home, including one waterbirth. Also grandma of 11, including a set of twins, a C/S (not the twins, they were natural!) and 4 VBAC's (2 hosp & 2 home). I have been a CPM since 1998, but have been attending births since 1973. I attend births all over southern Ohio and into northern KY & WV. I also offer doula and monitrice services, but no one has asked for those services in over 10 yrs!? I've been attending about two births a month recently, which has been a slow steady increase! When there's too much time and too little money between due dates, I put on my nurses cap (RN) and work per diem at a nursing home and a camp for special needs people. I love working at camp. almost as much as birthing! I started working with handicapped kids way back in hs, long before I ever got called into the minisry of midwifery!  Our favorite family hobby is caving, which I also only get to do between due dates! My dh and I have been involved in several cave rescues.  Soccer is also big in our family.  I love MT & CMI conferences!

  • 08-12-2009 8:13 PM In reply to

    • christea
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    • Joined on 07-29-2009
    • Jupiter, FL
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    Re: How about an introductions thread?

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Christie, married to my wonderful hubby for 6 years, and fur-mommy to our lovely dog Ema. We are in sunny (and disgustingly HOT) South Florida. I have my Bachelor's in English and books (particularly those about preganancy/birth/babies) are my passion. I'm kind-of and aspiring everything, and am still in the "research" stage of it all. I'm thinking doula/CBE first, then go for my CPM.

    Aspiring Midwife
    Wife & Fur-Mommy to 1 small dog
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