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How many months/years should I feed my baby....?

Last post 07-21-2011 12:22 PM by tignerjeffrey. 4 replies.
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  • 07-15-2011 4:24 AM

    How many months/years should I feed my baby....?



    My baby is just 4 months old and she is my first baby. And I just want to know one thing from experienced moms. How many months or years I should feed my baby. According to my religious believes we do believe that our god said to feed babies 2 years. So my question is what science say about it??


    Thanks for ur helps....

  • 07-15-2011 8:12 AM In reply to

    Re: How many months/years should I feed my baby....?

    Hi, Katrina!  Welcome!

    I'm assuming you are referring to breastfeeding your baby.  It is often recommended by those in health care that you breastfeed your baby exclusively--no bottles of water, juice or artificial baby milk--for the first 5-6 months and then introduce other foods such as fruits, vegetables, some grains and proteins.  It is recommended that you continue to breastfeed while feeding your baby other foods until the baby is at least a year old but the ideal is to continue to nurse for 2 years or for as long as it is mutually satisfying for you and your family.   Some women continue to breastfeed for 3 or more years.  It's entirely up to you and what is working for your family.  Your milk is the best thing for your baby even as s/he begins to take in other foods.

    It may be a good idea if you can get to a La Leche League meeting.  You can find your local group by going on and clicking on "find a local group".  If there is no local group, you can always call or email a Leader to get some kind of personal contact.  Many mothers enjoy hearing a live person.  La Leche League puts out a great book, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding which is full of information not only about breastfeeding but also about how your baby grows and develops, what foods to try with your baby as s/he becomes older, and how to adjust to all the different ages and needs of your baby.


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  • 07-15-2011 8:24 AM In reply to

    Re: How many months/years should I feed my baby....?

    Hi Susan! Thanks for ur excellent help. :)

  • 07-19-2011 6:41 PM In reply to

    Re: How many months/years should I feed my baby....?

    Well, I'm experienced and I couldn't agree more with the other response. I have breastfed 7 children so far. I usually go at least 6 months with nothing but mama's milk, then depending upon the child and his interest level, I start introducing other foods between 6 and 10 months. I have always been open to baby-led weaning after the first year. All of my children weaned themselves sometime between 15 and 24 months, although I've had plenty of friends that continued the breastfedding relationship for longer than 2 years.

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  • 07-21-2011 12:22 PM In reply to

    Re: How many months/years should I feed my baby....?

    as my wife use to feed one and half year at the time of my sun rony..

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